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  1. Welcome to the Estate Planning - Additional Issues Forum
  2. Welcome to the Estate Administration Forum
  3. My Greedy Sister
  4. Cutting A Child Out Of Our Will
  5. interstate estate
  6. A probate estate problem needs help.
  7. Money Given To Uncle For Safekeeping
  8. Inquired on an estate
  9. Using medical records to show undue influence
  10. father estate over brother and stepmother
  11. Life Estate and Reversionary Interest
  12. father's second last will and testament
  13. executor and heir of grandmother's will help
  14. Greedy Step mother
  15. Unjust Enrichment
  16. Stepmother wants windfall from estate
  17. conservatorship
  18. Stepchild as Executor - Legality & Position
  19. More Estate Questions
  20. Life Tenant and Rights of Remainderman
  21. Intestate Succession in Virginia
  22. Administering an Estate with a Criminal Record
  23. Disbursement of Will to Heirs
  24. Family Trust - Sisters holing things up...
  25. Inheritance from father
  26. Date of disbursement
  27. Delay in Administration of Estate
  28. Division of Inherited Land - HELP WITH SOME INFO
  29. Inheritance by a deceased person
  30. Can an executor "steal" the estate?
  31. Got Letter From Opposition
  32. Claim of Contract to Sell Home
  33. MOM died intestate, siblings arguing
  34. Fence with estate funds?
  36. Loan from mother's estate; verbal contract
  37. Bank Records - Can She Do That?
  38. Is probating a will required?
  40. Need Some Information ASAP
  41. Distribution of assets to Executor
  42. Will - Property In Two Countries
  43. Dual Ownership
  44. Stepmother Gave Father's Estate To Her Family
  45. Probate fees and paying bills
  46. Administration of Estate - Michigan
  47. How do I know if she's dead?
  48. Trickling-Down of Residue
  49. Intestate Administration
  50. Lost Trust Instrument
  51. Estate inheritance/procedures- POST death of grandparents
  52. Life Tenant Stepmom and Neglect of Premises
  53. Creating a Power of Attorney: Power of Attorney and Mental Competence
  54. How Long It Takes To Probate An Estate
  55. inheritance problems
  56. Multiple Wills & Problems
  57. Settling my stepfather's estate
  58. Mortgage Exoneration
  59. Estate Tax
  60. I need to get emancipated and control of my trust fund.
  61. Accounting for Time
  62. Community Property
  63. Biological father died;Unsure what to do
  64. Meaning of the words "any benefit" in a trust
  65. Estate Atty Fails to File Tax Returns of Deceased; Now What?
  66. Inheritance from incarcerated parent
  67. Life Estate, should have been an Estate of Inheritance
  68. Mom passes away. How do we get money left in bank?
  69. Bank keeping life insurance money because of deceased's debt
  70. Verbal Loan from Deceased Father
  71. Inheritence
  72. Finding Out About Lawsuits
  73. Household contents/estate access dilemma
  74. estate tax - what to include in estate
  75. Inheriting Overseas Property
  76. Distribution of Income to Beneficiaries
  77. Trustee
  78. Heirs looking for "dirt" on estate rep & famil
  79. Want deceased father's medical records
  80. Re: Anti Lapse Statute (Texas)
  81. Transfer on Death Instructions
  82. Grandfathers Death Verbal Contract
  83. Presumed deceased
  84. Contested Will: Ohio statue of limitations?
  85. Family trust was embezzeled ... what to do?
  86. Personal Loan - Verbal Contract
  87. Problems with Administration of Estate
  88. living in home not in will
  89. Father's estate "lapse" in beneficiary designation
  90. my fathers credit card debt what to do after death
  91. Embezzlement of trust and breach of fiduciary duty
  92. 3 years and counting probate
  93. Probate a will? or Petition to change trustee?
  94. Parental Debt, upon death
  95. Life tenant loosing estate, HELP!
  96. inheritedhouse
  97. Please help ASAP, need advice
  98. Estate Advice
  99. Dispute over Trailers on landowners property
  100. Obtaining a death certificate
  101. Double citizenship
  102. Father's new girlfriend is spending late mother's money
  103. Mother Passed Away With No Will
  104. Sister Moved Into Father's House
  105. Caregiver for mom
  106. Son and Executor, How best to perform my duties?
  107. Family Trust
  108. Blended Family- Executor Assignment
  109. Sell of House
  110. debt filed that was not owed by my father in law
  111. Inheritance
  112. Exclusion From Family Estate
  113. Ownership of Property Purchased From an Estate
  114. Quick Claim Deed
  115. Health Care Proxy: Aunt with Power of Attorney - Medical Care Issues
  116. Fiancee rights under probate or contract law?
  117. Real Estate Law - Life Tenant vs Remainderman
  118. Probate of will delayed due to Alzhiemers.
  119. My Car Was In My Father's Name When He Died
  120. Dishonorable Burial
  121. Problem with a Will
  122. Family Partnerships?
  123. Leaving an Ex- Money To Give Up Custody Rights
  124. Children excluded from "will"
  125. Who has right to Property of Deceased
  126. Do I have to pay the Creditors of the Deceased
  127. Is probate needed?
  128. Life Estate for a renter???
  129. Quit claim process in Fla.
  130. Is My Spouse Entitled To Any Of My Inheritance
  131. General Power of Attorney: Abuse of a Power of Attorney
  132. Quick Deed
  133. Can I Disown my Brother
  134. How do I find my inheritence
  135. Serving as Agent: Power of Attorney Holder Not Providing Proper Care
  136. Serving as Agent: Can You Represent Somebody in Court With a Power of Attorney
  137. problems with husband's children in estate proceedings
  138. Court order needed for successor trustee/pers rep??
  139. Form Ct-706 NT
  140. Inheiritance placed in joint account
  141. Mismanagement of Estate
  142. Question about property tax on estate not probated
  143. filing forms
  144. Trusts: Can A House Be Divided in a Trust?
  145. Quick Claim deed and Equit loan
  146. Withdraw as Counsel
  147. Wills and Estate law
  148. Delay in Resolving Unconstested Texas Estate
  149. anti-lapse ... spread over time
  150. Life estate
  151. KI and an IRA Distribution, Mismanagement of Will
  152. Real Property Subject to Terms of Will?
  153. Will or prenuptial agreement
  154. Illegal Sale of Property by an Heir
  155. Nursing Home Costs and Keeping a House
  156. We have an estate issue. Thoughts?
  157. Estate attorney delaying final probate
  158. Last Will and Testament
  159. Creditors seeking Probate on Aunt's Estate
  160. How long can we drag out finalizing estate (no will)
  161. Is a Will Void if the Lawyer who Drafted it Goes to Jail?
  162. Inheritance Issues with Immigrant Spouse of the Deceased
  163. Trusts: What is a deed of trust?
  164. Addendum to a will
  165. International Inheritance of an Estate
  166. Autopsy
  167. How does the grant deed transfer work?
  168. Life Partner With No Will
  169. Probate a will with a surviving spouse?
  170. Life Estate Tenant versus Remainderman
  171. Withdrawing from Trust Fund.
  172. Note and Mortgage
  173. Are tax refunds and malpractice settlements and estate asset?
  174. Help with a Will
  175. Finding a Will
  176. Trusts: Living Trust - Name
  177. Will Contests: Will Contest Provision
  178. Recourse inquiries pertaining to a Will
  179. Exempt Property and Family Allowance
  180. Finding a copy of a trust
  181. Registering a quit claim deed
  182. Executor Charging for Gifts
  183. Inheritance Rights From Probable Grandfather's Estate
  184. Inheritance tax
  185. Adding adult child to deed
  186. Heirs and wills
  187. Will Contests: How to Contest an Executor
  188. Real Estate in Trust; Power-of-Atty Abuse
  189. Estate in probate, with a real estate mess
  190. Need children to remove items from home
  191. Trusts: My Daughter's Trust
  192. Life estate problem
  193. Wills and Probate
  194. Other heirs' rights when the executors want to auction tangibles
  195. Should I sign a letter of adminstration
  196. How to Divide a House
  197. Difficulties Settling an Estate
  198. What constitutes a determined effort when searching for heirs?
  199. Delinquent and missing heirs
  200. Property dispute after a death in the family
  201. What is the percentage an administrator can claim in GA?
  202. Resolving Estate After Father Died Without a Will
  203. Estate Tax Issues
  204. Name on deed
  205. What To Do If The Original Will Has Been Lost
  206. Becoming Executor of an Estate
  207. Estate Distribution
  208. Trusts: Living trust problems
  209. Executor Fees
  210. Probate attorney fees
  211. Sale of a Share to a Family Trust
  212. Creating a Power of Attorney: How to Gain Power of Attorney
  213. When can an heir request to see a trust or will?
  214. Quit Claim Deed and Medicare or Medicaid
  215. General Power of Attorney: Power of Attorney vs. Living Will
  216. North Carolina Quit Claim Deed
  217. No Will; Heir Locator Company Contacted Us
  218. Annuity vs. Will
  219. Should I sign deed over?
  220. Trusts: Taxes on Property in a Trust - South Carolina
  221. Beneficiary IRA
  222. Will before marriage in Florida
  223. Quitclaim Deed - out of the blue, does this sound fishy?
  224. Life estate in Texas
  225. Grandparent Left Grandchildren Out of His Will
  226. Statement in a Proof of Service
  227. General Power of Attorney: Power of Attorney and Custody Litigation
  228. Validity of a personally typed will
  229. Asset Protection: Protecting my Mother's Place to Live
  230. Request For Special Notice in California
  231. Specific Powers of a Trustee
  232. Bought house that was held in trust for me
  233. Petition for Trustee Withdrawal
  234. Warranty Deed with Life Use
  235. Credit Card Bills Left By Deceased
  236. Quit claim deed and medical benefits
  237. Quitclaim and Inheritance
  238. How To Over Turn Letter Of Administration
  239. Accounts Not in Trust
  240. Does Trust property's life tenant pay the mortgage?
  241. Life estate in Indiana
  242. Family estate going to be lost for taxes, how can I save it
  243. Signing over deed to home
  244. Creating a Power of Attorney: Gaining Power of Attorney
  245. Probate forms
  246. Estate Planning for Significant Other
  247. Should You Choose a Will or Trust
  248. What happens when a sibling refuses to sign legal forms for probate?
  249. Life Use and Benefit
  250. Spouse's right of election
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