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View Full Version : Engagement and Cohabitation

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  1. Breaking Up: Putting Pictures of Ex-Girlfriend on a Website
  2. Property Rights: Engagement Ring After Breaking Engagement
  3. Property Rights: Engagement Ring Return
  4. Cohabitation Agreements
  5. Threats After Telling Counselor About Girlfriend's Home
  6. Dealing With Pregnant Girlfriend's Crazy Mother
  7. Evicting a Boyfriend in Illinois
  8. Suing an Ex-Girlfriend
  9. Ex-Boyfriend Squandered My Money
  10. Rights of an Ex-Girlfriend
  11. Nude Pictures Distributed By Boyfriend
  12. Fraud in the inducement - Ex Lied About Being Single
  13. Ex-Girlfriend Gift and Business Investment
  14. Joint Tenancy Problem
  15. Who Gets The Car After A Relationship Breaks Up?
  16. Preventing an Abortion
  17. How to Stop Harassment by My Ex-Boyfriend
  18. Legal Rights Regarding Cohabitation
  19. Recovering a Vehicle From Ex's Yard
  20. Rights to the House
  21. Ex-Boyfriend Won't Pay His Share of Cell Phone Plan
  22. Threat Of Distribution Of Sex Video
  23. Ex Is Threatening To Move Back In
  24. How To Recover Personal Belongings From An Ex's Apartment
  25. Ex-Girlfriend Wants Half Of Home Equity
  26. Ex-Boyfriend Won't Go Away
  27. Boyfriend Claiming Reimbursement For Contributions To House
  28. Proving Joint Car Ownership
  29. Ex Has Car That Is Under Both Of Our Names
  30. Enforcing a Promise to Reimburse Cost of an Abortion
  31. Want to Kick Out Girlfriend's Son
  32. Do I Have To Return My Engagement Ring
  33. Washer and Dryer Dispute
  34. Father of My Partner is Threatening a Lawsuit
  35. Refusal to Return Property
  36. Suing an Ex-Girlfriend
  37. Do I Get My Ring Back?
  38. Girlfriend Took Everything While I Was At Work
  39. Getting Personal Property Back
  40. Home Ownership and Mortgage After Breakup
  41. Moving Out
  42. Ex-Girlfriend Left TV Behind, Do I Need To Return It
  43. Ex May Stop Paying Half Of Mortgage - What Can I Do?
  44. Ex-Girlfriend Left Property At My House
  45. How To Evict My Boyfriend
  46. Car Ownership
  47. Ex-Girlfriend Will Not Return Property
  48. Not Married And Splitting Up In New York
  49. Theft of Property by Ex-Fiance
  50. Property Rights: Can I Recover Loans To My Girlfriend, Or Was I Taken For A Fool?
  51. Property Rights: Ex Partner Has My Dog - What Can I Do?
  52. Property Rights: My Ex Wants To Take Everything
  53. Property Rights: Domestic Violence Victim Needs To Retrieve Her Belongings
  54. Breaking Up: Can My Boyfriend Throw Me Out
  55. Property Rights: Ex Took More Than Her Half Of Our Property
  56. Property Rights: Do I Get My Engagement Ring Back After She Dumped Me For No Good Reason In Texas?
  57. Property Rights: Justifiable Engagement Break - Keep the Ring?
  58. Property Rights: I Want My Money Back
  59. Property Rights: How to Recover Property and Money Owed By My Ex
  60. Property Rights: Joint Bank Account Rights
  61. Property Rights: Ex-Boyfriend Wants Payment For 'Improvements' To Home
  62. Property Rights: Recovering Money from an Ex-Girlfriend
  63. Breaking Up: Unreturned Property After Split Up
  64. Breaking Up: My Ex-Girlfriend is Trying to Sue Me
  65. Property Rights: Ownership of Gmail and Craigslist Accounts
  66. Property Rights: When Can I Get Rid of Abandoned Property?
  67. Property Rights: Personal Property Given Away
  68. Property Rights: Navy Member and Engagement Ring's Return
  69. Property Rights: Recovering Possessions from an Ex-Boyfriend
  70. Property Rights: Can I Sue Over Girlfriend's Car Loan, I'm a Cosigner
  71. Property Rights: College Student Leaving Fiance - Dispute Over Possessions
  72. Cohabitation Agreements: Legal Rights for My Partner
  73. Breaking Up: Does My Ex Have Grounds to Sue Me For Past Support
  74. Property Rights: Can My Ex-Boyfriend Legally Take Back the Stuff He Bought for Me
  75. Breaking Up: Unlawful Eviction from Boyfriend's Home
  76. Breaking Up: Not Paying Back a Loan After Breakup
  77. Property Rights: Ex-Boyfriend Left Property Behind for 1 1/2 Years
  78. Property Rights: Ex-Girlfriend, Left Property
  79. Property Rights: My Ex Left Belongings at My Apartment and is Taking Forever to Pick Them Up
  80. Property Rights: Engagement Ring
  81. Property Rights: Getting My Bank Card and Photo I.D. Back After a Break-Up
  82. Property Rights: Engagement Ring After Death
  83. Property Rights: Recovering Laptop Computer from Ex-Boyfriend
  84. Property Rights: Car Co-Loan After Break-Up
  85. Property Rights: The Ring
  86. Breaking Up: How Can I Move Back to My Home
  87. Property Rights: When is Property Considered Abandoned
  88. Property Rights: Withholding a Passport
  89. Property Rights: Property Left in Home, How Long Must I Hold
  90. Property Rights: How Do I Handle Personal Property Left Behind
  91. Property Rights: Recovering Property After a Breakup
  92. Property Rights: Removing Property That Still Has Debt Balance
  93. Property Rights: Can I Dispose of My Ex-Boyfriend's Belongings
  94. Property Rights: Two Party Vehicle Title Trouble
  95. Property Rights: Retrieving My Family Photos from Ex-Boyfriend
  96. Property Rights: Recovering My Guitar
  97. Breaking Up: Suing to Recover Cost of a Cancelled Wedding
  98. Property Rights: Can I Sue Ex for Property Damage
  99. Property Rights: Division of Assets - Engagement Ring Dispute
  100. Property Rights: Recovering Vehicle From Ex-Boyfriend
  101. Property Rights: Dividing Assests when Not Married
  102. Breaking Up: Live in Relationship - Can I Recoup Damages
  103. Property Rights: My Boyfriends Ex-Girlfriend Wants a Box of Decorations She Left
  104. Property Rights: Ex-Girlfriend Stole My Dog
  105. Property Rights: After Break Up, How Long to Pick Up Personal Property
  106. Breaking Up: Can My Ex Boyfriend Sue Me for Money when I Supported Him
  107. Property Rights: Trying to Retrieve Personal Property from Ex-Girlfriend
  108. Property Rights: Unmarried Property Rights
  109. Property Rights: Can You Be Arrested for Retrieving Your Own Property
  110. Property Rights: Ex Boyfriend Sues from Prison
  111. Property Rights: My Personal Property Held by an Ex Girlfriend
  112. Breaking Up: Boyfriend Promised to Pay for Abortion, Never Did
  113. Property Rights: Boyfriend's Ex Won't Return His Car and Other Items
  114. Property Rights: Proving a Settlement Agreed Upon in Chambers
  115. Property Rights: Ex Boyfriend and Vehicle
  116. Property Rights: Girlfriend is Threatening to Take My House
  117. Property Rights: Gifts from an Ex-Boyfriend
  118. Property Rights: Ex-Broke in and Took My Dog While I Was Moving
  119. Property Rights: My Ex Boyfriend Kicked Me Out His Flat and Won't Give My Stuff Back
  120. Breaking Up: Do I Have to Repay Financial Assistance From My Boyfriend
  121. Property Rights: Unmarried Couple Separating
  122. Property Rights: How Do I Obtain Custody of My and My Ex-Fiance's Dog
  123. Property Rights: Ex-Boyfriend Writes Bad Checks from Joint Account
  124. Property Rights: What Can I Do With My Ex's Personal Property
  125. Property Rights: Girlfriend Has My Stuff, I Have Her Stuff - Can I Sell Her Stuff to Get Money
  126. Property Rights: Getting Rid of Girlfriend's Items
  127. Breaking Up: Distribution of Nude Pictures After Break-Up
  128. Breaking Up: Threatened With Distribution of a Private "Strip Tease" Video
  129. Property Rights: Property Left Behind
  130. Property Rights: Sued Over Disposal of Property Stored in My Home
  131. Property Rights: Ex-Boyfriend is Withholding My Personal Belongings
  132. Property Rights: Protecting Mom's Property From Her Cheating Boyfriend
  133. Property Rights: What Can I Do With My Ex's Property After Breaking Up
  134. Property Rights: House Divide After Partnership Split
  135. Cohabitation Agreements: How Should an Unmarried Couple Divide Their Mortgage Payment
  136. Property Rights: Dog Custody Rights
  137. Property Rights: Can I Be Sued for the Times I Used My Girlfriend's Car, With Permission
  138. Property Rights: Engagement Ring Return
  139. Property Rights: Ex Girlfriend Won't Give Anything Back
  140. Property Rights: How to Recover Property or Money From My Ex
  141. Property Rights: Ex-Boyfriend Will Not Return Property
  142. Property Rights: My Ex-Boyfriend is Trying to Sue Me for Gifts He Gave Me
  143. Property Rights: Joint Auto Loan After Hostile Break Up
  144. Breaking Up: Responsibility for Debts Incurred During Cohabitation
  145. Breaking Up: Girlfriend Wants to Kick Me Out of a House She Doesn't Own
  146. Property Rights: Engagement Ring Rights
  147. Property Rights: Social Security Benefits After Common Law Marriage
  148. Breaking Up: Desperate to Rid Self of Cohabitating Boyfriend
  149. Property Rights: Unmarried Couple Split Up with Joint Mortgage
  150. Property Rights: Can Ex Boyfriend Sue Me for Repairs Made Four Years Ago
  151. Breaking Up: Engagment Split
  152. Property Rights: Can I Go Into My FiancÚ's Email
  153. Property Rights: Ex-Girlfriend Put My Property Out to the Curb, 3 Hour Notice
  154. Property Rights: Getting My Ex-Girlfriend To Pay Off Credit Card Debt
  155. Property Rights: How to Get Name Off of Secured Personal Loan for Residence (Not Mortgage)
  156. Property Rights: My Ex and Her Family Are Not Retrieving Her Personal Belongings
  157. Property Rights: How to Get Ex-FiancÚ to Take His Car
  158. Property Rights: Engagment Ring Return
  159. Property Rights: Can Ex-Fiance Claim My Personal Property Was a Gift
  160. Property Rights: Engagement and Real Estate Rights
  161. Property Rights: Recovering Daughter's Property from My Ex
  162. Property Rights: Dog Custody Problem After Breaking Up
  163. Property Rights: Protecting Property From Damage After Breaking Up
  164. Property Rights: What Happens when a Guy Makes a Mistake with the Wrong Woman - Be on the Look Out
  165. Property Rights: Can I Sue Ex for Money Stolen from My Business Account
  166. Property Rights: How Can I Get My Money Back
  167. Property Rights: Is an Engagment Ring a Gift
  168. Property Rights: Legal Liability for Debt Incurred While Cohabitating
  169. Property Rights: Suing Ex-Fiance for Loan
  170. Property Rights: Property Left Behind
  171. Breaking Up: My Ex Won't Let Go
  172. Property Rights: Shared Ebay Account, Ex-Girlfriend Changed Password, Kept Money
  173. Breaking Up: Ex-Girlfriend Won't Leave
  174. Property Rights: How to Get Back Property from Cheating Girlfriend
  175. Breaking Up: How To Remove Abusive Longtime Girlfriend from My Home
  176. Breaking Up: Engagment is Now Off - Can I Be Evicted
  177. Property Rights: Ownership fo a Jointly-Built Travel Trailer After Break-Up
  178. Property Rights: Home Equity Loans and the Legal Rights They Give You
  179. Property Rights: Ex Girlfriend Wants to Remove Home Improvements She Paid For
  180. Breaking Up: My Ex- Won't Repay Money He Owes
  181. Property Rights: Boyfriend Changed Locks and Put Property in a Storage Room While I Was Out of Town
  182. Property Rights: Recovering Possessions and Insurance Payout After Breaking Up
  183. Breaking Up: If One Partner Gets a Restraining Order, Who Has to Move Out
  184. Breaking Up: Being Sued by an Ex Girlfriend
  185. Property Rights: Dividing Real Estate When Ending an Engagement
  186. Property Rights: If Something Was Bought for Me Do I Have to Give It Back
  187. Property Rights: How to Recover House Payments or Get a Share of a House After a Break-Up
  188. Breaking Up: Can I Sue My Ex for Not Paying the Cable Bill Like He Said He Would Do
  189. Property Rights: Dividing Up Property when You Were Not Married
  190. Breaking Up: Retrieving Possessions from Ex-FiancÚ's House
  191. Breaking Up: Bad Break Up After Cohabitation
  192. Property Rights: My Ex Kept My Desktop Computer and I Want It Back
  193. Breaking Up: Ex Girlfriend Trying to Kick Me Out of My House and Other Problems
  194. Property Rights: Division of a House Between Engaged but Not Married People
  195. Property Rights: Being Sued for Back Vehicle Taxes
  196. Property Rights: How Can I Prove Ownership of a Boat
  197. Breaking Up: How to Get My Ex to Pay Credit Card Bills She Ran Up
  198. Property Rights: Loan and Engagement Ring Rights After Breaking Up
  199. Property Rights: Ex Requesting Item Back After Year
  200. Property Rights: How to Remove Your Ex-Boyfriend From a Car Title
  201. Property Rights: Property Left After a Break Up
  202. Property Rights: Ex Refuses to Return My Personal Items
  203. Property Rights: Ex-Boyfriend Won't Return My Stuff
  204. Breaking Up: Recovering Expenses if an Online Relationship Turned Bad
  205. Property Rights: Right to Retrieve Forgotten Items at Ex's
  206. Property Rights: What Happens to the Dog if a Couple Breaks Up
  207. Property Rights: Breaking Up - How to Split Up Property and Custody of Dog
  208. Property Rights: Ex-Girlfriend Still Has Personal Items
  209. Breaking Up: Breaking Up After Adopting a Dog
  210. Property Rights: Who Gets the Dog
  211. Property Rights: Destroyed Property
  212. Breaking Up: Retrieval of Property After a Break Up from Out of State, Engaged but Not Married
  213. Property Rights: Should I Be Paid
  214. Property Rights: Boyfriend Throws All My Belonging on the Curb
  215. Breaking Up: Home Equity Loan
  216. Property Rights: How Long Does It Take the Courts to Get a 1203.4 to the DOJ
  217. Property Rights: Getting My Stuff Back
  218. Breaking Up: Avodiing Eviction and Getting Palimony
  219. Breaking Up: Eviction and Kids
  220. Property Rights: Taking an Ex's Property When Moving Out
  221. Breaking Up: Ex-Doesnt Agree to Move Out
  222. Property Rights: How to Get My Ex's Car Loan Out of My Name
  223. Property Rights: Threatened With Suit By Former Boyfriend
  224. Property Rights: Sued by Ex-Girlfriend Over a Balance Transfer to Her Credit Card
  225. Cohabitation Agreements: My Roommate Gave Me Permission to Punch Her, So I Did. Can She Press Charges
  226. Property Rights: I'm on the Mortgage but She Won't Put Me on the Title
  227. Property Rights: My Ex-Girlfriend is Withholding My Personal Property
  228. Property Rights: Ex Has Vehicle I Bought in His Name but I Have Letter Stating Car is Mine
  229. Breaking Up: Ex Won't Give Things Back Unless I Do What She Asks
  230. Property Rights: Soon to Be Ex Girlfriend Says She'll Sue
  231. Property Rights: How To Get Your Ex- To Sign a Quit Claim Deed After You Break Up
  232. Property Rights: Boyfriend Didn't Pay on a Car Loan I Obtained For Him
  233. Property Rights: My Ex Left a Bunch of Stuff in My Garage
  234. Cohabitation Agreements: Birth Records
  235. Property Rights: How Does an Unmarried Couple Divide Their Assets
  236. Property Rights: Girlfriend Ran Away and Took the Puppy
  237. Property Rights: Fiance Left Me and Their Stuff
  238. Property Rights: What Can You Do With Your Ex's Belongings
  239. Property Rights: Protecting Myself During Break Up
  240. Property Rights: Getting Ex-FiancÚ Off of the House Title
  241. Property Rights: My Ex is Claiming That I Returned Damaged Property
  242. Property Rights: Responsibility for Mortgage and Taxes After Breaking Up
  243. Property Rights: Giving Back the Ring
  244. Property Rights: Home Ownership Between Girlfriend and I and Ability to Remove Her from the Property
  245. Breaking Up: Ex Girlfriend Got a Puppy As a Gift for Me. I Want the Dog After the Split
  246. Breaking Up: Ex-Girlfriend Left Without Notice, Took Some of My Property
  247. Property Rights: If You Have the Receipt Can You Take the Furniture
  248. Property Rights: How Long Do I Have to Keep My Ex's Stuff
  249. Property Rights: Being Sued for Destruction of Property
  250. Breaking Up: Enforcing Loan Repayment Agreements After You Break Up
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