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  1. Sued by an Architect
  2. Verbal Contract for Renovations
  3. Statute of Limitations for Breach of Contract
  4. What do do when a landscaper doesn't finish the job
  5. Shoddy Workmanship on Lawn
  6. Company cashed deposit check but no service, in Florida
  7. Problems With a Pool Builder
  8. My General Contracter Simply Stopped
  9. Paid Contractor, No Work Done, Equipment Left Behind
  10. Dispute With Plumber's Repair Billing in Wisconsin
  11. Non-American with Limited English Sold a Lemon Home
  12. Damage By Satellite Installer
  13. Sued Over Uncompleted Home Repair, Only Paid in Part
  14. Illinois Contractor MIA
  15. Ripped Off By A Freelance Handyman
  16. Breach Of Contract
  17. Missing Contractor
  18. Reasonable Repair Time
  19. Statute of Limitations For Work On Home
  20. Items Stolen From Home While Contractors Were Working
  21. Contractor Not Paid After Home Renovations
  22. Client Put Stop Payment On A Check For Work Already Completed
  23. Customer Will Not Allow Us To Make The Work Right
  24. Contractor Took The Money And Didn't Do The Work
  25. Builder Not Finishing Work Promised
  26. Condo Association Holding Funds For Roof Damage By Employee
  27. Workman Mistake: Who Pays For Repairs?
  28. General Contractor Not Licensed And Not Insured
  29. California, Contract Signed, Health Crisis After 3 Day Cancel Period
  30. Customer Won't Pay
  31. Contractor Extortion
  32. Landscaping Contractor Abandoned Job
  33. Construction Breach
  34. Statute Of Limitations In Ohio
  35. Finding A Lawyer For An Appeal
  36. Refunding Deposits After A Project Is Canceled
  37. Suing An Indiana Contractor In Illinois
  38. Can I Collect Back Money For A Job Not Done
  39. What Are My Rights As A Dissatisfied Consumer?
  40. Sub Contractor Not Paid For Bad Work
  41. Collecting Pre-Judgment Interest In California
  42. Contractor Not Forthcoming With Refund For Cancelled Project
  43. Client Now Decided That They Are Not Happy With The Completed Job
  44. Home Inspector Did Not Do His Job
  45. Canceling A Contract For Granite Counter Top
  46. How To Collect On A Defaulted Contract
  47. Home Inspector Missed Something Huge
  48. Lien Law
  49. My Check Made Out To Store, But Store Credit / Refund Given To Contractor, Not Me
  50. Central A/C Purchase, Installation Not Complete
  51. Trouble With A Landscaper
  52. Getting Back Money Paid To A Contractor For Work That Was Not Authorized
  53. Suing A Subcontractor Over The Horrific Mess He Made
  54. Check Not Cashed After 6 Years
  55. Missing Contractor in Michigan
  56. A/C Repairman Didn't Fix Problem and Demands Payment
  57. CAZ Danger Sign
  58. Can I File a Civil Lawsuit in CA to Get My Deposit Back?
  59. Builder Stealing Money from Construction Loan, Not Finishing House
  60. Being Sued for Breach of Contract
  61. Customer Won't Allow Contractor to Make Repairs to Alleged Defects
  62. Breach of Contract by an Unlicensed Business
  63. Can I Get My Money Back?
  64. What Law Governs a Contractor-Homeowners Agreement?
  65. Breach of Contract
  66. Pool Company Overpayment - How Do I Get Funds Back?
  67. Neighbor's House
  68. Deceptive Trade Practice Act in Texas
  69. Can I Get My Roof Fixed?
  70. Wallpaper Job Becomes Problem
  71. Contractor Started Fire, but Has Little Net Worth
  72. Unauthorized Material Substitution
  73. Builder Negligence
  74. Am I Obligated to Hire This Company
  75. We Are Desperate
  76. California Contractor Lien Law
  77. Threat of Legal Action
  78. I Was Served with a Subpoena for Deposition
  79. Builder Will Not Repair Sink Holes
  80. Shoddy Workmanship - Contract Resolution
  81. Payment: Illegal Mechanics Lien
  82. Hardwood Floor Contractor Did Bad Job
  83. Foundation Problems and Homebuilder's Warranty
  84. Contractor's/Mechanic's Lien Received
  85. Deadline for Filing a Contractor's or Mechanic's Lien
  86. Defect in Workmanship
  87. How Long Does a Builders Lien Stay with My Property
  88. Contractor Did Work Without a Contract
  89. No Payment for Home Repair
  90. Sued Over Incomplete Construction Work
  91. Retaining Wall Failed After 6 Days
  92. Excavating Contractor Left Dirt - Is It Mine
  93. Foundation Wall Collapsed
  94. A Company Forged My Signature on Contract
  95. Contractors and Subcontractors: Are My Cabinet Installers Liable for My Defective Cabinets
  96. Rain Drainage System Not Working and Not Honoring Guarantee
  97. Consumer to Sue for Act of Nature
  98. Contractor is Holding Up Reimbursement
  99. Substandard Roof Repair
  100. Deadline of a Contract Completion Date
  101. Suing a Contractor
  102. Invoiced for Additional Work Not Listed in the Contract
  103. Settlement to Avoid Fraud Charges
  104. Terminating a Contract
  105. Not Happy with Contractor's Work
  106. Collecting a Judgment Against a Crooked Builder
  107. Lawsuit Over Swimming Pool Installation, in Michigan
  108. Builder Not Completing House by Close Date
  109. Property Lien Over Not Built Swimming Pool
  110. The Contractor Thinks All of the Insurance Money is His
  111. Fence Installer Refuses to Finish Job - Any Suggestions
  112. Problem Builder in Wisconsin
  113. Poor Shoddy Work by Contractor
  114. Bamboo Flooring Installed Incorrectly
  115. Plumbing Contractor Bill - Legal Recourse
  116. Contactor Dispute
  117. Demand for a Refund
  118. Having to Repaint a House That Was Painted by the Previous Owner
  119. Contractor's Failure to Perform
  120. Contracter Canceled the Contract
  121. Customer Wants Original Invoice, in California
  122. Contractor's License Suspended, Never Finished, Bad Job
  123. Roofer Gave Me No Warranty
  124. Limit on Length of Time Contractor Has to Bill Customer
  125. What to Do if a Contractor Cannot Complete Part of a Contract
  126. Oral Contract With a Contractor
  127. Client Failed to Pay for House Renderings
  128. Contractor Trickery
  129. Did I Create a Legally Binding Contract in My Email
  130. Job Not Done 6 Months Later and Counting
  131. Sewer Repair Responsibility
  132. Mistake by a Contractor Requring a Costly Repair
  133. Electrician Accused of Doing Unsafe Work, in Illinois
  134. Continuous Problems With an Air Conditioner
  135. I Am Being Sued by a Contractor for a Poor Quality Job
  136. Problems with New House After Warranty Period
  137. Sewer Back-Up
  138. How to Sue to Get a Contractor to Return Our Money
  139. If You Have a Boiler Installed, Does That Include Thermostat Installation
  140. Lien on Property Due to Subcontractor Not Paying Supply House
  141. Contractor Wants More Money, Caused Damage, Didn't Complete Job Properly
  142. High Estimates for Property Damage - Can I Pay Directly to Get a Discount
  143. Collapsing Roof
  144. Suing for Builder Fraud
  145. Fraudulent Roofers May Want to Finish the Job, but Do I Want Them to
  146. Non-Performance and Breach: How to Get My Money Back from a Contractor
  147. Money Back from a Contractor
  148. How to Get Out of New Construction Contract
  149. Problems With Botched Installation by Home Depot Contractor
  150. Builder Won't Finish Even Though We Paid Him
  151. Contractor Took the Money and Didn't Do the Work
  152. Shady Contractor Did Not Finish the Work, No Real Contract
  153. Roof Leak Damage
  154. Red Foot Marks
  155. Can Contractor with Suspended License Sue Me for Getting Hurt at My House
  156. Can a Subcontractor Sue the Homeowner
  157. New Home Upgrade Problem
  158. Contractor Performed Work After Being Told Not to
  159. Forged Bids and Contract
  160. Bathtub Installed Backwards in New Construction
  161. No Contract with Licensed Contractor
  162. Contractors and Subcontractors: Do You Have to Be Licensed to Help Your Neighbor
  163. Extent of Contractor Liability
  164. Photo of Home Used Without Consent
  165. House Damage Due to a Flat Roof
  166. How to Cancel Contract With a Home Builder
  167. Builder Took Money and Did Not Complete Work
  168. Water Leak
  169. Customer Wanting Refund but Won't Allow Us to Get Product Out
  170. What is Liability for Intalling a Furnace Without a Required Permit
  171. Billing for Services Long After Work Completed
  172. Home Built with Wrong Material
  173. Wanted to Cancel a Contract but Builder Wants 15% of Total Price to Cancel
  174. Contractor Next Door Caused Damages to My Home
  175. New Home Contractor Won't Honor Fixed Price Contract and Refuses to Continue
  176. I Have Not Been Paid
  177. Responsibility for Costs Associated with Error in the Renovation Plan
  178. House Mover Disappeared in the Middle of the Job
  179. Stopping Payment on a Check to Repairman
  180. Nails in Water Line
  181. Getting Rid of Contractor with FHA 203 Loan
  182. Company Reschedules Our Appointment Multiple Times, Can We Cancel and Get Our Deposit
  183. Legal Action Against Contractor Who Died
  184. Custom Doors Don't Fit the Frames
  185. Who Owns a Building Permit
  186. Hiring an Exterior Painter
  187. Construction Contracts: New Home Construction and Botched Paint Job
  188. Shoddy Air Conditioner Work with Licenced Contractor
  189. Contractor Broke Pipe and Flooded Home
  190. Inadequate Repairs After a Fire
  191. Contractors and Subcontractors: Contractor Wanting More Money After Contract is Signed
  192. Contractors and Subcontractors: Cannot Pursue Home Warranty Claim for HVAC Due to Inadequate Repair by Contractor
  193. Contractors and Subcontractors: Am I Entitled to a Detailed Invoice for Pool Repair Work Performed
  194. Non-Performance and Breach: Plumbing Mistake in My Condo Unit in a New Development
  195. Contractors and Subcontractors: Can a City Impound a Building from the Supplier if It Was Sold to Contractor
  196. Non-Performance and Breach: Contractor Ran Away Without Finishing Job, Can He Put Lien Against Property
  197. Contractors and Subcontractors: A Contractor Left All of His Tools at My House
  198. Contractors and Subcontractors: Damage by Contractor, Now Refusing to Be Reasonable
  199. Non-Performance and Breach: Contractor Did Very Bad Job
  200. Non-Performance and Breach: Fence Contractor Did Inadequate Work
  201. Warranties: Is Contractor Responsible for Damage Patio Door
  202. Non-Performance and Breach: Home Warranty Claim or Court
  203. Construction Contracts: Mistake in New Home Building Process
  204. Non-Performance and Breach: Money Stolen and Floor Ruined
  205. Warranties: Builder Will Not Honor New Home Warranty
  206. Construction Contracts: What Can a Contractor Charge After Canceling a Contract
  207. Contractors and Subcontractors: Who is Responsible when a Hazard is Created
  208. Non-Performance and Breach: Contractor Paid but Didn't Do the Job
  209. Contractors and Subcontractors: Noise Issues in Brand New Condo
  210. Construction Contracts: Non-Negotiated Change Order Limits and Standards
  211. Non-Performance and Breach: General Contractor Stopped Work, Claims Illness
  212. Non-Performance and Breach: Problems With Contractor Failing to Complete Remodeling Job
  213. Non-Performance and Breach: Retrieving Money Builder Spent on Merchandise That He Returned, Keeping Money
  214. Non-Performance and Breach: Terrible Contractor is Issuing a Mechanical Lien
  215. Inspection: Non-Functional Sprinkler System Installed 30 Years Ago
  216. Non-Performance and Breach: Contractor Abandoned His Equipment
  217. Non-Performance and Breach: How to Enforce a Construction Contract
  218. Payment: Contractor Increased Bill from Quote, No Change Orders Were Made
  219. Contractors and Subcontractors: Contractor Won't Identify its Subcontractor
  220. Contractors and Subcontractors: Compensation for House Fire Due to Contractor Work
  221. Payment: Paid a Friend to Buy and Install a Heating System
  222. Construction Delays: Franchisee Requests Delay Damages from Architecture Firm
  223. Non-Performance and Breach: Contractor Underbid Job - Can He Charge More or Refuse to Complete It
  224. Contractors and Subcontractors: High Cost for Temporary Relocation of Power Lines During Construction
  225. Non-Performance and Breach: When Can I Use Another Contractor to Finish Work
  226. Non-Performance and Breach: Roofing Contractor Let Leak Sit Unfixed for 6 Months, Wants Full Payment
  227. Warranties: Contractor's Liability for Cosmetic Issues
  228. Non-Performance and Breach: Problems With a HVAC Installation
  229. Payment: Contractor Damaged Client's Floor, Dispute Over Compensation and Payment
  230. Warranties: Buillder Warranty Claims
  231. Non-Performance and Breach: Change in Contract Terms After Contract Was Signed and Non-Working Unit
  232. Contractors and Subcontractors: Contractor Did Work Without Notice
  233. Construction Contracts: New Home Contractor is Changing Home Features
  234. Contractors and Subcontractors: Contractor Damaged Driveway
  235. Non-Performance and Breach: Contractor Stopped Check on Refund for Bad Work
  236. Contractors and Subcontractors: Service Company's Responsibility for Damage Caused by a Worker
  237. Building Permits: Building Permits and Partitioning Property
  238. Construction Delays: Hindering the Buying Party by Discouraging the Party Saying That It is a Litigation
  239. Payment: Contractor Replaced Due to Failure to Start a Job, Now Billing for Supplies
  240. Contractors and Subcontractors: No Roof After 6 Weeks
  241. Payment: What Are the Implications of a $0 Mechanics Lien on Real Property
  242. Construction Contracts: What Should a Home Buyer Include in a Contract With a Builder
  243. Construction Contracts: How Should a Deposit to the Builder Be Handled
  244. Non-Performance and Breach: Contractor Left Material After I Got Reimbursed - What to Do with the Material
  245. Construction Contracts: Time and Materials Based Relationship: Are Travel Time and Lunch Chargeable
  246. Construction Delays: Contractor Mistake Resulted in Delayed Start Date
  247. Non-Performance and Breach: Coerced into Signing a Settlement with Contractor Who Committed Fraud
  248. Building Permits: What Turns Uninhabitable, Non-Living Space into Habitable Living Space
  249. Warranties: Warranty Will Pay for Structural Failure but Will Not Do It for Future Issues
  250. Construction Contracts: Shared Water Well and Builder Deposit
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