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  1. Bail, Bond and Pretrial Release Held In Jail While A Second Charge is Pending
  2. Post-Conviction Relief: Average Cost of Post Conviction
  3. Arrest Warrants: Statute of Limitations on Felony Arrest Warrants in West Virginia
  4. Post-Conviction Relief: Is There a Sentence Reduction Form for Georgia
  5. Search and Seizure: Police Harassment and Search of Minors
  6. Sentencing: Leaving for the Middle East Soon
  7. Search and Seizure: Search Warrant Was Served After It Expired
  8. Initiation of Charges Statute of Limitations Felony Third Degree
  9. Plea Bargains: Deferred Sentence, Plea Bargain, Alternative Action Plan
  10. Arrest Warrants: Out-of-State Warrant
  11. Arrest Warrants: Social Security Application With a Warrant
  12. Bail, Bond and Pretrial Release 18 Year-Old Arrested in Maryland, With Other Charges Pending
  13. Arrest Warrants: How Far Will States Go To Catch a Fugitive
  14. Arrest Warrants: Possiblity of Arrest on a Warrant
  15. Post-Conviction Relief: Correcting Clerical Errors
  16. Arrest Warrants: Will Illinois Extradite For a Bench Warrant
  17. Sentencing: Modification of Sentences in Louisiana
  18. Initiation of Charges Criminal Statute of Limitations in Massachusetts
  19. Arrest Warrants: Bench Warrant for Contempt of Court
  20. Initiation of Charges Statute of Limitations for Theft in Washington State
  21. Initiation of Charges Does The Criminal Statute Of Limitations Stop Running If You Move Out of State
  22. Initiation of Charges Criminal Statute of Limitations for Illinois
  23. Arrest Warrants: Negotiating Warrants From Afar
  24. Arrest Warrants: Bench Warrant for Failure to Appear in Ohio
  25. Pretrial Procedure: Pretrial on a New Charge After ACD Sentencing
  26. Trials: Co-Defendants Being Tried At The Same Time
  27. Extradition: Extradition Over Drug Charges
  28. Arrest Warrants: Arrest Warrant For Internal Theft
  29. Arrest Warrants: Clearing U.S. Customs With An Arrest Warrant
  30. Initiation of Charges How Long Does It Take To Be Notified Of Charges
  31. Bail, Bond and Pretrial Release What Happens To Bail Money If You Don't Appear In Court
  32. Bail, Bond and Pretrial Release Bond Revoked After Probation Fines Were Paid and Original Bond Posted
  33. Search and Seizure: Unlawful Seizure
  34. Initiation of Charges Assault at a High School in Minnesota
  35. Sentencing: Restitution in New York
  36. Arrest Warrants: Arrest Warrants and Driver's License Renewal
  37. Arrest Warrants: Travel to China With a Misdemeanor Traffic Warrant
  38. Pretrial Procedure: What Happens At Your First Court Appearance
  39. Bail, Bond and Pretrial Release Travelling While Under investigation
  40. Arrest Warrants: Flying Into and Within the United States With a Bench Warrant
  41. Initiation of Charges Was I Actually Charged?
  42. Arrest Warrants: Quashed Warrant
  43. Initiation of Charges How Long Does The State Have To Charge A Person
  44. Search and Seizure: How Long Do They Have To Return Seized Items
  45. Arrest Warrants: Abusive Ex Has a DUI Warrant in Oklahoma, but Texas Doesn't Arrest Him
  46. Arrest Warrants: Open Container in Public, in Illinois
  47. Initiation of Charges Criminal Statute of Limitations in Florida
  48. Sentencing: Penalty For Aiding and Abetting
  49. Arrest Warrants: Misdemeanor Drug Charge and International Travel
  50. Post-Conviction Relief: Post-Verdict, Pre-Sentence "Error of Fact" Motion?
  51. Search and Seizure: Possible Unlawful Stop and Search of a Vehicle
  52. Initiation of Charges Statute of Limitations for Drug Sales
  53. Extradition: Should I Fight Extradition
  54. Search and Seizure: Refusing Permission to Search a Vehicle
  55. Search and Seizure: Search Of A Parked Car Based On Possession of the Keys
  56. Plea Bargains: Plea Bargaining in Exchange for Testimony
  57. Arrest Warrants: Probation Violation Warrant from Colorado
  58. Search and Seizure: Possession Ticket Delay
  59. Arrest Warrants: Eleven-Year-Old Arrest Warrant
  60. Pretrial Procedure: What To Do If You Will Miss A Court Hearing
  61. Arrest Warrants: Arrest Warrants in Pennsylvania
  62. Initiation of Charges Statute of Limitations for Drug Offenses
  63. Arrest Warrants: Arkansas Warrant
  64. Initiation of Charges Criminal Statute of Limitations in Pennsylvania
  65. Extradition: Extradition Confusion
  66. Bail, Bond and Pretrial Release Federal Pretrial Home Confinement
  67. Arrest Warrants: New Jersey Arrest Warrant for Failure To Appear
  68. Arrest Warrants: Can ID Scanners Detect a Misdemeanor Warrant
  69. Arrest Procedure: Testimony By Phone
  70. Extradition: Extradition For a Misdemeanor Theft Probation Warrant
  71. Arrest Warrants: Arrested Upon Return From a Cruise
  72. Plea Bargains: When Is A Plea Bargain Made In Pennsylvania
  73. Pretrial Motions: Motion To Reconsider
  74. Pretrial Procedure: Notice Of Appeal
  75. Post-Conviction Relief: Procedure For the Georgia Sentence Review Panel
  76. Arrest Warrants: Missed Court Date After a Serious Accident
  77. Search and Seizure: Return of Confiscated Items Seized Under Warrant
  78. Bail, Bond and Pretrial Release Arrested For Paraphernalia in Texas
  79. Post-Conviction Relief: Court Of Appeals and Errors of Fact
  80. Initiation of Charges Pressing Charges A Few Years Later
  81. Extradition: Will They Extradite From Hawaii To Missouri
  82. Arrest Warrants: Returning To Ohio To Take Care Of A Warrant
  83. Pretrial Procedure: When Does A Defendant Meet The Judge For The First Time
  84. Initiation of Charges How To Convince a Detective To Press Charges
  85. Arrest Procedure: Summons Or Arrest Warrant
  86. Search and Seizure: Seizure Of Computer Due To Suspected Child Porn
  87. Arrest Warrants: Has An Arrest Warrant Been Made
  88. Search and Seizure: Special Needs Doctrine
  89. Bail, Bond and Pretrial Release How To Revoke Cash Bail
  90. Post-Conviction Relief: No Contest Plea Entered On Advice Of Defense Attorney Without Understanding, Florida
  91. Post-Conviction Relief: Exhibits Mislabeled At Trial
  92. Arrest Procedure: Arrest And Being A Suspect
  93. Arrest Warrants: Felony Arrest Warrant, Passport And Travel
  94. Arrest Warrants: Length Of Time Between Warrant And Arrest In California
  95. Arrest Warrants: Do You Get Notified Of Warrants Against You, in Georgia
  96. Initiation of Charges Appeal of an Indictable Offence Decision
  97. Search and Seizure: Warrantless Entry
  98. Arrest Warrants: Bench Warrant From a Traffic Ticket in Georgia
  99. Arrest Warrants: Failure To Appear Penalties
  100. Arrest Warrants: Failure To Appear Warrants and Passport Application
  101. Search and Seizure: Being Charged With What Wasn't On The Search Warrant
  102. Arrest Procedure: Parole Hold And Arrest In California
  103. Plea Bargains: Domestic Violence Plea In Abeyance
  104. Trials: The Judge Told The Potential Jurors "She Stole"
  105. Search and Seizure: Am I Entitled To A Copy Of The Search Warrant
  106. Initiation of Charges Disposition Status is Closed - Will I Be Charged
  107. Arrest Warrants: Statute Of Limitations On Warrants
  108. Plea Bargains: Declined D.A.'s Plea Offer - Now What?
  109. Arrest Warrants: Washington Warrants
  110. Arrest Warrants: Warrants for Bad Checks
  111. Arrest Warrants: Renewing A State ID With a Warrant
  112. Arrest Warrants: Bench Warrant Since 1999
  113. Post-Conviction Relief: Dropping Felonies
  114. Initiation of Charges How Long Do You Have To Press Charges
  115. Sentencing: Mandatory Sentencing In Georgia
  116. Arrest Warrants: Obtaining An I.D. Card With An Outstanding Warrant
  117. Arrest Warrants: Two-Year-Old Warrant, First Offense, Didn't Do Community Service
  118. Sentencing: Conditional Discharge
  119. Trials: Testimony And Depositions
  120. Arrest Warrants: Bench Warrant In Michigan
  121. Arrest Warrants: Taking Care Of Multiple Warrants
  122. Trials: Court Date
  123. Arrest Warrants: Warrant Issued With No Serial Numbers
  124. Extradition: Fighting Possible International Extradition
  125. Arrest Warrants: Bench Warrant In Missouri
  126. Initiation of Charges Waiting For Arraignment
  127. Sentencing: Diversion Programs In Ohio
  128. Arrest Warrants: What Do I Do If I Have A Warrant For A Traffic Ticket
  129. Sentencing: Interpretation Of Legal Wording
  130. Arrest Procedure: When May A Police Officer Draw His Weapon
  131. Arrest Warrants: What Does A Warrant Do?
  132. Arrest Warrants: Warrant With Citation After Shoplifting
  133. Sentencing: Deferred Sentence And Diversion
  134. Trials: Going To Trial
  135. Trials: What Is The Cost Of Trial
  136. Plea Bargains: Getting a Plea Bargain
  137. Sentencing: Can A Person Avoid Conviction
  138. Search and Seizure: Pulled Over In A Random Ride Check And Searched
  139. Sentencing: Restitution Left Open
  140. Post-Conviction Relief: Appealing A "Family Violence Battery" Conviction From 7 Years Ago
  141. Search and Seizure: Pulled Over For No Reason And Charged With Open Container Of Alcohol
  142. Search and Seizure: Texas DPS Making Up Reasons To Pull People Over
  143. Sentencing: Sex Crime Sentencing in Georgia
  144. Initiation of Charges What Happens When Someone Is Charged
  145. Trials: What Are Court Procedures
  146. Bail, Bond and Pretrial Release What Is A VOP Bond Hearing
  147. Arrest Warrants: Found Guilty And Ran
  148. Post-Conviction Relief: How to Set Aside or Overturn a Guilty Plea
  149. Post-Conviction Relief: Sentencing Without Consideration of Bipolar Disorder
  150. Initiation of Charges Conviction Or Not
  151. Initiation of Charges What Happens If You Miss An Arraignment Deadline
  152. Sentencing: Adult Defendant Required To Notify Parents of Sentencing
  153. Arrest Warrants: What's The Difference Between An Arrest Warrant And A Search Warrant
  154. Initiation of Charges Statute Of Limitations In Illinois
  155. Arrest Warrants: Due Dates On Warrants
  156. Arrest Warrants: Violation Of Probation and a California Bench Warrant
  157. Arrest Warrants: Resolving A Felony Warrant
  158. Search and Seizure: Probable Cause
  159. Post-Conviction Relief: I Want To Withdraw My Plea
  160. Sentencing: Deferred Sentence In King County, Washington
  161. Pretrial Procedure: Dismissed In Municipal Court, But Going To Common Pleas
  162. Initiation of Charges Medical Insurance Provider Of North Carolina Denies Eligibility Coverage A Year Later
  163. Sentencing: Unfair Treatment During Prosecution and Sentencing
  164. Trials: What Can Be Asked Of A Witness
  165. Trials: Pleaded Not Guilty And The Case Is Going To Trial
  166. Bail, Bond and Pretrial Release Can I Revoke The Bond I Posted
  167. Search and Seizure: Possibly Illegal Search And Seizure Of A Car
  168. Arrest Procedure: Arrested Twice On The Same Charge In Pennsylvania
  169. Bail, Bond and Pretrial Release Who Is Responsible If Somebody Jumps Bail
  170. Initiation of Charges Statute Of Limitations For Child Abuse in California
  171. Initiation of Charges What Roles Do Prosecutor And Judges Play
  172. Post-Conviction Relief: Florida Post-Conviction Probation Termination
  173. Extradition: Georgia Extradition
  174. Plea Bargains: Plea Bargained To Civil From Criminal
  175. Criminal Forfeiture: Are State Police Required To Follow State Forfeiture Laws
  176. Bail, Bond and Pretrial Release Transferring Bail From Pennsylvania to Florida
  177. Trials: Excusable Conduct As A Defense
  178. Search and Seizure: Terry Stops vs. The Real World
  179. Plea Bargains: "Plea Bargain" Vs "Guilty"
  180. Arrest Warrants: Time Statutes On Arrest Warrants
  181. Arrest Warrants: Turning Yourself In
  182. Trials: Pleading "Not Guilty" Even Though It's Obvious You're Guilty
  183. Sentencing: Resentencing in New York
  184. Arrest Warrants: Running From The Law
  185. Arrest Warrants: Unpaid Fines
  186. Arrest Warrants: Extradition On Warrants
  187. Victims Rights: Victim's Right to Object to a Plea Agreement
  188. Post-Conviction Relief: Trying To Get A Disposition Changed
  189. Pretrial Procedure: Snitching to Get Out of Charges or Jail
  190. Arrest Warrants: How Long Do Bench Warrants Remain In Effect In California
  191. Extradition: International Felony Extradition
  192. Sentencing: Can Judge Order Drug Tests For Non-Drug Related Conviction
  193. Sentencing: What Is A 364 Day Sentence In New Jersey
  194. Pretrial Procedure: Prosecution Witness Subpoenaed For Preliminary In Virginia
  195. Arrest Warrants: NCIC And Passports
  196. Sentencing: How To Get a Reduction Of Sentence
  197. Sentencing: 180 Day Sentence In Los Angeles
  198. Sentencing: Arrested For Failure To Appear, What Will Happen In Court?
  199. Extradition: Failure To Appear and International Extradition
  200. Plea Bargains: Probation For Burglary 1981 Plea Of Guilty Texas
  201. Arrest Warrants: Living In California With A Washington State Warrant
  202. Search and Seizure: What Areas Are Included In An Search
  203. Plea Bargains: Plea Deal Accepted, Do I Still Have To Show Up?
  204. Initiation of Charges Waiting For Initiation Of Charges In Iowa
  205. Arrest Warrants: Florida Violation Of Probation Warrant
  206. Arrest Warrants: Charges Just Disappeared? (WAS: Ticket For Falsely Summoning A Police Officer)
  207. Trials: Am I Entitled To A Jury Trial
  208. Initiation of Charges Statute of Limitations For Car Theft
  209. Arrest Warrants: Second California DUI
  210. Initiation of Charges Criminal Responsibility For Past Possession
  211. Plea Bargains: Alford Plea And Nolo Contendere
  212. Arrest Warrants: Never Paid Ticket
  213. Extradition: Extradition For Violating New Jersey Parole
  214. Arrest Warrants: Probation Violation Warrant In California
  215. Initiation of Charges Statue Of Limatations For Crimes In Oregon
  216. Extradition: Defied Court Orders, Now Have Outstanding Charges
  217. Arrest Warrants: Help Me Stay Out Of Jail
  218. Plea Bargains: Confused About Pretrial Diversion
  219. Arrest Warrants: Warrant On A Closed Case
  220. Arrest Warrants: Choosing Not To Go To Court For An Out Of State DUI
  221. Initiation of Charges Statute Of Limitations On Domestic Violence Charge In Washington State
  222. Plea Bargains: Changing Your Mind About A Plea Bargain
  223. Arrest Warrants: Dismissing A Bench Warrant
  224. Arrest Warrants: What Process Can Be Taken To Lift A Bench Warrant?
  225. Initiation of Charges When Does A Prosecution Officially Begin
  226. Arrest Warrants: Warrant For Arrest
  227. Trials: What Is Articulable Evidence?
  228. Pretrial Procedure: What Happens At A Criminal Deposition Hearing
  229. Trials: Requesting A Continuation On The Basis Of Obtaining Phone Records
  230. Pretrial Procedure: When Does The Prosecution Disclose Evidence To The Defense
  231. Search and Seizure: Search Warrant Affidavit In Colorado
  232. Extradition: What States Will Extradite To Michigan
  233. Search and Seizure: DNA Mouth Swabs And The Fourth Amendment
  234. Search and Seizure: Vehicle Search And Stop
  235. Post-Conviction Relief: Post-Conviction Relief
  236. Initiation of Charges Statute Of Limitations With Several Crimes
  237. Sentencing: Likely Punishment For Three Felony Charges
  238. Extradition: Will They Drag Me To Missouri
  239. Arrest Warrants: Inactive Case
  240. Sentencing: Sentence Reduction
  241. Arrest Warrants: Issued Citation For Marijuana Instead Of Being Arrested
  242. Sentencing: Prison Sentence Decrease For Non Violent Crimes In California
  243. Bail, Bond and Pretrial Release Possibly Corrupt Bondsman
  244. Bail, Bond and Pretrial Release Arrested For Battery, Out On Bond, Keeps Getting Arrested
  245. Post-Conviction Relief: Help For A Criminal Appeal
  246. Arrest Warrants: Awaiting Extradition
  247. Initiation of Charges Criminal Warrants Versus Investigator's Report
  248. Plea Bargains: Taking Original Plea Deal
  249. Arrest Warrants: What Is The Difference Between Bench Warrants And Arrest Warrants
  250. Arrest Warrants: NCIC Warrant And Flying
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