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  1. Pets and Animals: Dog Attacked My Dog
  2. Who Does a Gift Belong To
  3. Disposing of Abandoned Personal Property
  4. Removing possessions off my property
  5. Pets and Animals: Buyer of a Pony Wants Her Money Back
  6. Pets and Animals: Problem with Animal Rescue Group
  7. Abandoned Property
  8. Abandoned Property in California
  9. Pets and Animals: Mistake As to Age of Horse
  10. Storage Problems
  11. Storage for Family Member
  12. Problems Storing Items for a Friend
  13. Pets and Animals: Repossessing a horse with only a verbal agreement
  14. Recovering Personal Property From a Friend
  15. Pets and Animals: Enforcing a Dog Rescue Adoption Contract
  16. Property Issues with Mother
  17. Property left behind in contract to deed
  18. Abandoned Property: Materials Left Behind after Closing
  19. Abandoned Vehicles on Property
  20. Title Ownership To A Trailer
  21. Father Has Daughter's Property
  22. Georgia: Conversion vs. abandoned property issue
  23. Theft at cemetery
  24. Rights to Property Left In The Possession of Another
  25. Personal Property Left After Foreclosure, in Florida
  26. Pets and Animals: Neighbor Claimed Our Dog Injured Hers
  27. Do you own your mailing address?
  28. Accused of Theft After Selling Property Somebody Left In My Care
  29. Pets and Animals: Remedies For a Diseased Animal
  30. Tossing trash into a private dumpster, illegal?
  31. Personal property left at residence for 6 years
  32. Luggage Theft
  33. Theft on campus that I do not believe I committed, in California
  34. Do You Have To Pay For A Borrowed Item That Is Stolen
  35. When Does Personal Property Ownership Expire
  36. Suing Over Vandalism Of A Car
  37. Daughter Is Out Of Control
  38. Off-Road Vehicle Ownership Or Possession
  39. Laws Against Our Home Haunt For Halloween
  40. Zoning Law Question Concerning Neon Lights
  41. Can A Minor Be Banned From Using A Private Bus Service
  42. Pets and Animals: Dog Attacked - Can I get the Vet Bills Repaid
  43. What Are The Laws For Having A Bonfire?
  44. Pets and Animals: Dog Rescue
  45. Establishing Pet Ownership in California
  46. Neighbor's Dog Attacks Me on My Property
  47. Suing My Parents To Get The Title To The Car I Paid For
  48. Property Trouble
  49. Tree Branch Fell In A Parking Lot
  50. Neighbor Continuing To Be a Nuisance
  51. Broke Up With Fiance, But All The Bills Are In My Name
  52. Landlocked Land
  53. Fence Damage by Town DPW
  54. Responsibilty for Dogs in Ohio
  55. Florida Mobile Home Lease
  56. Car Loan Cosigner's Rights and Liabilities
  57. Sign Damaged by Neighbors
  58. Pets and Animals: Pet Groomer Broke Pet's Leg
  59. Can I Legally Get My Car From My Co-Borrower
  60. Laws For Driving on Private Property
  61. Liability for Fallen Tree Limb
  62. Tree Fell, Damaging Neighbor's House
  63. Liability For My Dog Getting Neighbor's Dog Pregnant
  64. Neglected Eucalyptus Trees Endangering Home
  65. Neighbor Destroys Tree, in Florida
  66. When Is Personal Property Considered Abandoned
  67. Ex Has My Car In Another State And Giving Me A Hard Time About Retrieving It
  68. Mobile Home Left On Land After Foreclosure
  69. Help Finding My Vehicle
  70. Mother In Law Moved Out
  71. Person Refusing To Return Motorcycle
  72. Property Left Behind
  73. What Can I Do About My Ex's Property, Left Behind When He Moved
  74. Tree Damage After Logging
  75. Laws Where A Dog Bites Another Dog
  76. Getting Boat Title
  77. Is A Verbal Agreement Legal In Texas
  78. Boundary Fence Replacement in King County, Washington
  79. Abandoned Furniture
  80. Property In Storage
  81. Responding To A Summons
  82. Pets and Animals: Legal Possession Of A Dog
  83. Abandoned Snowmobile
  84. Abandoned Snowmobile In Michigan
  85. Pets and Animals: False Dog Bite Report In Florida
  86. Getting Guns Back After A Theft
  87. Family Storage Problem
  88. Protecting Personal Property
  89. Roommate's Dog Ate Some Of My Chocolate In Illinois
  90. Property Left Behind By Our Adult Child
  91. Abandoned Air Hockey Table
  92. Damaged A Rental Snowmobile
  93. Laptop Damaged
  94. Pets and Animals: Importing Cougars Or Grey Wolves
  95. Can A Parent Legally Sell Something That Belongs To And Was Paid For By Their Child?
  96. When Does Personal Property Become Abandoned?
  97. Old Boss Wont Make Payments On Motorcycle Anymore
  98. Is It Mine Now?
  99. Car Sale
  100. Can I Reposess My Truck
  101. Right To Abandoned Property
  102. Personal Property Missing After Staying With A Friend
  103. Cosigner Rights: Vehicle Title
  104. Property Bought - Mine Or A Gift?
  105. Pets and Animals: Coloring A Domesticated Animal, Or Moving And Trapping A Wild Animal
  106. Property Damage From Neighbors
  107. Neighbor's Tree Branches Over Fence
  108. Kentucky Abandoned Property
  109. Work Related Property Damage
  110. Verizon Pole And My Property Rights
  111. Boundry Fence Line And Incrocement
  112. Who Is Responsible For Removal Of A Fallen Tree
  113. Pets and Animals: Anti-Flea/Tick Product Made My Dog Sick
  114. Shared Driveway
  115. Neighbors Dead Tree Falling on My Property
  116. Being Locked Out After a Sheriff's Sale
  117. Abandoned Property in Texas
  118. Amp Left at My House for 80 Days
  119. Who Should Be Paying Whom?
  120. Fiance Moved Out. Question About Belongings
  121. Can I See The House My Ex Wife And I Own As She Resides In It ?
  122. Can't Get Vehicle from Previous Owner
  123. Old Roommate's Belongings
  124. Neighbor Stole Electricity
  125. Ex-Husband Left Property
  126. Holding Property and Dog Hostage
  127. Guitar and Amp Left at My House
  128. Regaining Overdraft Fees As Well As Personal Property
  129. Pets and Animals: Breach of Contract
  130. Hurricane Damage To Fence
  131. Abandoned Belongings
  132. How Do I Get My Mower Back?
  133. Giving Away Abandoned Property
  134. Roommate Abandoned Property
  135. Abandoned Paintings
  136. Property Being Held from Me Without Permission
  137. My Car Got Salvaged by Someone Else
  138. Abandon Vehicles & Property
  139. Family Abandoned Personal Property
  140. Bought Foreclosure with Car Left in Rear of Property
  141. Abandoned Utility Trailer
  142. Roommate's Use of Personal Property
  143. Abandoned Employee Property
  144. Personal Property at Ex-Boyfriend's House
  145. Abandoned Personal Property
  146. Pets and Animals: Breach of Written Contract That is Signed by Witnesses
  147. Roommate Has My Name on Car Loan
  148. Pets and Animals: Making Payments on a Sick Horse
  149. Car Sold on Contract, Payments Not Made
  150. Getting My Property Back
  151. Personal Property "Missing"
  152. Pets and Animals: Companion Animals at Hotels and Vacation Rentals
  153. What Can I Do With Her Stuff
  154. I Sold Property That Was Stolen Now I'm Being Sued
  155. Roommates Allowed to Use My Room
  156. What Do I Do with Property
  157. How to Get Legal Custody of a Dog
  158. Pets and Animals: Neighbors Walk Dog, Don't Police Droppings
  159. Pets and Animals: Vet's Duty
  160. Posting Private Land
  161. Pets and Animals: My Dog Getting Attack by Another Dog
  162. Pets and Animals: Dog Custody
  163. Property owner denying access to heavy equipment
  164. Bed Damage from 'Fixed' Ceiling Leak
  165. Low Hanging Utility Cable Damaged Mountain Bike
  166. Pets and Animals: Contract Right to Reclaim an Animal
  167. I Sold Someones Property Now She Wants More Money
  168. Can I Sue
  169. Getting Property Back from Ex Roommate
  170. Did a Contract Exist
  171. Abandoned Property in New York
  172. Friend Left Stuff At My House
  173. Ownership of Possessions
  174. Recovering Property When Your Ex- Has a Restraining Order
  175. Pets and Animals: False Report of a Dog Bite
  176. Release Car from Impound to Non-Registered Owner
  177. Home Owner Association Rights to Tow
  178. Pets and Animals: Minnesota Pet Adoption Contracts
  179. When Does Possession of Personal Items Become Ownership
  180. Pets and Animals: Can I Get My Dog Back
  181. Can I Keep the Piano
  182. Can a Repair Service Sell Abandoned Property
  183. Claiming Spouse's Personal Property
  184. Moving Issue
  185. Pets and Animals: Lien on Jointly Owned Horse
  186. Borrowed a Computer and then Sold It
  187. Pets and Animals: Pet Hit by Car and Died
  188. Former Roommate's Belongings
  189. Abandoned Items
  190. RV Left for 15 Months After Land Purchase
  191. Friend's Parents Sold My Property Without My Permission
  192. Pets and Animals: Dog Laws in Oklahoma
  193. Pets and Animals: Sick, Expensive Parrot Death
  194. Water Damage to Home - Can I Take Legal Action
  195. Demand for Reimbursement for Gifts
  196. Friend Confessed to Stealing and Selling My Guitar
  197. Purchaser Rights when Item Purchased Was Stolen
  198. Property Sold Without My Consent
  199. Getting Stuff Back
  200. Pets and Animals: How to Sue Over Sick Dog Out of State
  201. Pets and Animals: False Report of a Dog Bite
  202. Pets and Animals: Dogs Attacked Horses
  203. Car Loan
  204. My Friend Left Her Property Behind and It Got Stolen
  205. Getting a Title Back on a Vehicle
  206. Trailer House Ownership
  207. Personal Property Destroyed
  208. Disposing of Stored Personal Property in Colorado
  209. Pets and Animals: Can I Repossess My Dog
  210. Pets and Animals: Dog Fight on My Property
  211. Boundary Dispute with Neighbor
  212. Getting Sued for Destruction of Property when It Was on My Property
  213. "Consideration"
  214. Property Abandonment
  215. How to Stop 'Mislaid' Art from Being Sold
  216. Pets and Animals: Neighbor Harassing Dog
  217. Disposing of Personal Property Stored on Private Land
  218. Tree on Property Line
  219. Motorcycle Theft and Co-Signer Delinquent
  220. Borrowed Vehicle Breaks Down - What's My Responsibility
  221. Property Thrown Away After Impound
  222. Not on Purchase Receipt Do I Have a Right to Sue
  223. Property Left After Close of Escrow
  224. Sale of Homes with Balance Forgiven Upon Death, in Michigan
  225. Pets and Animals: Didn't Get Promised Animal
  226. Verbal Contract, No Payment from Father
  227. Neighbor Removed Pool and Left a Hole
  228. Pets and Animals: Barking Dog Citation
  229. Original Farm Fence Wrong; Skews 4 Property Lines
  230. Buying a Car with Down Payment, How Does Lien Work
  231. Filing for Title or Abandonment of Mobile Home
  232. Right of Access with Ginnel
  233. Pets and Animals: Time Limit to File Citation
  234. What Can I Do for My Stuff to Be Returned
  235. Dog Destroys $2,000 in Property While Under Someone Else's Watch
  236. Abandoned Trailer on My Personal Property
  237. Abandoned Boat
  238. Personal Property While Living With a Relative - How to Protect
  239. Getting Property Back from Father's Home
  240. Pets and Animals: Breach of Contract for Sale of a Canine
  241. Selling Property Previously Sold to Somebody Else
  242. Can My Ex Take Back a TV That Was Given As a Gift
  243. Pets and Animals: Cat with Fleas
  244. Overhanging Tree Limbs
  245. Town Tree Causing Damage
  246. Mobile Home Bought and Never Picked-Up
  247. How Long Do I Have to Hold My Ex's Property
  248. Father Wants Laptop Back
  249. Since the Police Won't Help Me, Should I Sue for Stolen Apple Computer
  250. My Ex is Trying to Get Something Back That Was Given to Me
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