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View Full Version : Boundary Disputes and Nuisance

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  1. Property surveys
  2. How to change the legal boundary when land is acquiesced
  3. Property line dispute
  4. Property Line Dispute
  5. Property Line Dispute
  6. Property line dispute in Pennsylvania
  7. Home on propery line
  8. Property Line Problems
  9. Property Line Dispute
  10. Adverse Possession: Adverse Possession Laws
  11. Property line dispute
  12. Property line over water
  13. Fence and Property Line Dispute in New Jersey
  14. Harassing Visual Property Line Dispute
  15. Property Line Dispute in Michigan
  16. Property line dispute
  17. San Diego Property Line Dispute
  18. Property line dispute over one to two inches of land
  19. Property line dispute over fence
  20. Michigan Property Line Dispute
  21. Massachusetts Property Line Problem
  22. Neighbor's Iron Fence in my Property
  23. Property line issues
  24. Adverse Possession: Michigan Adverse Possession
  25. Fence at least a foot within Property Line
  26. Propertly Line and Wrongly Placed Wall
  27. Adverse Possession: Adverse action or possession, family inheritance dispute.
  28. Adverse Possession: Adverse Possession in New Jersey
  29. Adverse Possession: Paying the other side's attorney costs
  30. Adverse Possession: Property dispute in Texas
  31. Private Yard and Property Line Restrictions
  32. Where to Place a Fence
  33. Property Line Dispute
  34. Property line and fencing
  35. Privacy Rights and Neighbor's Video Camera
  36. Adverse Possession: Boundary dispute, adverse possession
  37. Property line dispute
  38. Fence line issue
  39. Property line dispute in Maryland
  40. Adverse Possession: Adverse Possession
  41. Fence line dispute
  42. Neighbor Pulled Out Survey Stakes
  43. Property Line issue
  44. Neighbor in Texas disagrees with survey
  45. Fence issue
  46. Neighbor Erected a Fence On My Property and Removed Marker
  47. Falling fence between two homes
  48. Neighbors' cabin addition built over our lot line.
  49. Neighbor Using My Tree
  50. Who is Responsible for Damage Caused by a Dead Tree
  51. Property line dispute
  52. Privacy wall dispute
  53. Property Line Fence in Rural Texas
  54. Neighbor's fence is on my land
  55. Privacy Fence Issue
  56. Just discovered our fence is inside our property line
  57. Neighbors Sprinkler System Ruining Our Fence
  58. Property Line Dispute
  59. Who Owns the Dock, in Texas
  60. Boundary dispute
  61. Fence issue in Massachusetts
  62. Adverse Possession: Adverse Possession of Lakefront Property
  63. Adverse Possession: Rural Property Line Dispute
  64. Ending Neighbor's Permissive Use of an Encroaching Driveway
  65. Property Line Dispute in Kansas
  66. Avoiding Having Neighbors Attach a Gate to a Fence
  67. Property Line Issue in Pennsylvania
  68. 100 yr old Cabin survey dispute California
  69. Violent Neighborhood Kid Causing Neighborhood-Wide Problems
  70. Who's responsible for retaining wall?
  71. Boundary Issues in California
  72. Boundary Line Problems with Nasty Neighbors
  73. Adverse Possession: Adverse Possession in Los Angeles, California
  74. Fence is not on the property line
  75. Boundary dispute after moving
  76. Old Fence, New Neighbor, Dispute in New Jersey
  77. Adverse Possession: How to assert adverse possession in Texas
  78. Dealing With Neighbors' Misplaced Fences in New Jersey
  79. Do we need to move our shed?
  80. Refused Access to Recreational Easement
  81. Responsibility for Fallen Tree Damage
  82. Michigan - My Property, "Their" Fence
  83. Property Rights On The Other Side Of A Fence Line
  84. New Home, Fence Dispute
  85. Fencing, videotaping, and snooping
  86. A Neighbor Wants To Replace My Fence
  87. House Sitting On Two Lots
  88. Adverse Possession: Los Angeles County Adverse Possession
  89. California Boundary Fence Law
  90. Encroaching roots causing damage in California
  91. Adverse Possession: New Home, Survey says its ours, neighbor doesn't
  92. Fence Line Issues in Michigan
  93. Texas fence on property line
  94. Tree Leaning on Home
  95. Fence line dispute
  96. New neighbor trying to fence off large area of my widowed mother's property
  97. New Neighbor Objects to Fence Location in Texas
  98. Florida Fence and Property Line Issues
  99. Property line dispute
  100. Boundary line lawsuit in Texas because of wrong information from developer and survey
  101. Neighbor planted trees that cross the property line
  102. Compelling Neighbor to Split Fence Cost
  103. Dispute w/neighbor-we painted their fence
  104. Adverse Possession: Michigan Adverse Possession Law
  105. Neighbor's excavation causing house to lean
  106. They Guy Next Door Won't Leave Me Alone
  107. Florida Is chicken wire considered a fence
  108. Fence moved from the property line
  109. Adverse Possession: Adverse Possession
  110. Adverse Possession: Making a Claim to Parents' House after 15 Years of Maintenance and Residence
  111. Boundary Changes Coming Up - Trees along the Line
  112. Florida Painting Property Line Fence
  113. Can't Close because of Encroachment
  114. Neighbor's Old Building Is Too Close To Property Line
  115. Fence post inside neighbor's property in Maryland
  116. Adverse Possession: Adverse Possesion in Michigan
  117. Definitions of "Use" and "Enclosure" in California
  118. Adverse Possession: Adverse possession: Exclusive vs Inaccessible
  119. Liability for Damage Caused by Tree Roots
  120. Adverse Possession: Adverse Possession in Texas
  121. Local Ordinance Variance Request Concerns
  122. Survey marker
  123. Neighbor's Junk on my side of property line
  124. Neighbors have damaged my property
  125. Stone wall as a boundary line
  126. Boundary Problems with a County in Florida
  127. Dogs, Fences and headaches
  128. Landscaping Across Property Line in New Jersey
  129. Deed restriction lawsuit
  130. Land damage and trespassing
  131. Fence Issue
  132. Property Dispute
  133. Tree Damage to Home
  134. Retaining Wall Issue in New Jersey
  135. Rural Property Line Dispute in Arkansas
  136. Adverse Possession: Adverse Possession in Oklahoma
  137. Property lines and trees in Massachusetts
  138. Adverse Possession: Adverse Possession- neighbors fence-TX
  139. Adverse Possession: Payment of Property Taxes and Adverse Possession
  140. City property dispute
  141. Boundary rules in San Diego, California
  142. Boundary dispute in San Mateo County, California
  143. Neighbor Fence Dispute
  144. Boundary/fence issue in Arkansas
  145. Wind Blown Tree Damage
  146. Prescriptive Easement From An Encroaching Structure
  147. Fence dispute in Texas
  148. Adverse Possession: Temporary Horse Panels
  149. Fence Ownership
  150. Neighbor's Obligations With Fence Not On The Property Line, in California
  151. Adverse Possession: Adverse possession claim after someone buys the disputed land
  152. Neighbor's Tree Destroyed House
  153. Fence Line Issue
  154. Adverse Possession: California Adverse Posession
  155. Texas fence line dispute
  156. Payment for Replacement of a Fence in Texas
  157. Adverse Possession: Adverse Possession In A Driveay
  158. Adverse Possession: Adverse Possession of an Easement in Washington
  159. Adverse Possession: Adverse Possession in Michigan
  160. Neighbors Dispute Survey In Maryland
  161. Boundary and Easement Issue
  162. Easement Building Restrictions
  163. Conflicting Surveys and Adverse Possession
  164. Tree Damaged My Fence
  165. Deeds Description Of A 'Common Corner' Do Not Match
  166. Adverse Possession: Can I use Adverse Possession
  167. Gophers Digging Up My Yard
  168. Does My Neighbor Owe Me For My Fence, Which Encloses His Yard?
  169. Fence Dispute in Virginia
  170. Adverse Possession: Is This Adverse Possession?
  171. Adverse Possession: Alternative to Adverse Posession in Queens, New York
  172. Replacing An Existing Fence in Arkansas
  173. Adverse Possession: Adverse Possession in Idaho
  174. Fence Dispute
  175. Adverse Possession: Adverse Possession and Fence Placement
  176. Boundary Dispute in Massachusetts
  177. Are Both Home Owners Responsible for a Common Fence in Texas?
  178. Held Prisoners In Our Own Home
  179. Fence On Line Between Driveways in Maryland
  180. Pennsylvania Property Line Dispute
  181. Security Camera
  182. Adverse Possession: Adverse Possession in Idaho
  183. Fence and Property Line Issue in Texas
  184. Who Owns The Property Line
  185. Adverse Possession: Adverse Possession in New Jersey
  186. Neighbor's Fence On Our Property
  187. Establishing an Accurate Boundary
  188. Fence Dispute in New York
  189. Can You Remove A Neighbor's Fence Built On Your Property
  190. Is Removal of Survey Stakes Illegal?
  191. Adverse Possession: Losing Part Of My Property To A New Neighbor
  192. Tree Boundary Dispute
  193. Adverse Possession: Adverse Possession in California
  194. New Fence vs Trees
  195. Fence Dispute in California
  196. Adverse Possession: Buyer Is Demanding Money After Adverse Possession Claim In Minnesota
  197. Neighbor Revoked Permission To Attach My Fence To Hers
  198. Michigan Property Line and Survey Dispute
  199. Land Dispute in Texas
  200. Overgrown Plant
  201. Property Line Dispute in Florida
  202. Common Drive Dispute In Indiana
  203. Neighbor Wants Payment For Fence Repairs She Had Agreed To Pay For
  204. Survey Costs for Property Line Dispute
  205. Boundary Dispute in Washington State
  206. California Block Wall Ownership Dispute
  207. If A Ball Falls On My Back Yard Is It Legally Mine, in Texas
  208. Dispute Over Location Of A Fence
  209. Adverse Possession: Adverse Possession in Florida
  210. Court Won't Set Aside Unfair Judgment
  211. New House Purchase With A Potential Boundary Dispute
  212. Adverse Possession: Adverse Possession of Public Land
  213. Adverse Possession: Getting Rid of a Squatter Neighbor in Texas
  214. Arizona Law For Established Fence Line
  215. Fence on the Property Line in New Jersey
  216. Demand That We Repaint Our Side Of The Fence
  217. Boundary Line Fence Replacement in San Diego, California
  218. Driveway Dispute in Pennsylvania
  219. Civil Code 841.4 in California
  220. Responsibility Of Apartment Owner For Problems Caused By Tenants
  221. Isn’t California Civil Code 841.2 Adding Insult to Injury?
  222. New Jersey Fence Dispute
  223. Neighbor Wants Access To Our Side Of The Fence
  224. Tree Ownership
  225. Neighbor's Fence On My Property in California
  226. Adverse Possession: Adverse Possession in Michigan
  227. Michigan Property Line Vegetation
  228. River Boundary Hard to Understand, in Pennsylvania
  229. New Home Construction Boundary Dispute in Pennsylvania
  230. California Fence Replacement Cost
  231. Adverse Possession: Adverse Posession in New York
  232. Diseased Tree on Neighbor's Property
  233. Adverse Possession: Adverse Possession of a Rented House
  234. Fire Damage Across Property Line in Arkansas
  235. Neighbor Removed Fence To Take Back Land We Thought Was Ours
  236. Adverse Possession: Adverse Possession In Kentucky
  237. Conflicting Surveys in Pennsylvania
  238. Adverse Possession: Wisconsin Adverse Possession
  239. Fence Line and Building Setbacks in Kansas
  240. Yucca Trees Growing Across Property Line
  241. Los Angeles Survey Invalid?
  242. Common Property Wall Damage and Repair Responsibility In California
  243. Adverse Possession: Idaho Adverse Possession and Squatter's Rights
  244. Our Sprinklers on Their Lawn, Their House on Our Property, in California
  245. New Fence Construction
  246. Neighbors Agree With The Survey, But Still Argue
  247. Boundary Line Problem Discovered During House Sale
  248. Putting In A New Fence After Getting A Survey
  249. Adverse Possession: Adverse Possession and Statute of Limitations
  250. Adverse Possession: Adverse Possession in New Jersey
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