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  1. Roommates: Texas Law Regarding Abandonment of Personal Property
  2. Roommates: Roommate Is Defaulting On Her Share Of The Rent in California
  3. Roommates: Ending A Co-Tenancy Based On A Verbal Agreement
  4. Roommates: Can I Turn Off The Utilities If My Roommate Won't Pay?
  5. Roommates: Personal Property Damage Caused By Roommate's Pet
  6. Repair and Maintenance: Landlord Did Not Pay Phone Bills
  7. Roommates: Roommate Default on Rent in Michigan
  8. Roommates: Getting Daughter's Freeloading Boyfriend Moved Out in Georgia
  9. Roommates: Ex-Roommate Is Keeping My Money, in New York
  10. Roommates: Roomate Moves Out, Leaves Stuff, Owes Rent
  11. Roommates: Is Easy Is It To Make A Troublesome Roommate Leave?
  12. Roommates: Is Former Roommate Returning to the Rental Unit Tresspassing?
  13. Quiet Enjoyment: Landlord Insists on Having His Sex Offender Son Come By Our House, in California
  14. Roommates: Roommate Was Criminally Charged and Moved Out, in Texas
  15. Roommates: Roommate Not On Lease Bailed Without Payment
  16. Roommates: Ex-Roommate's Property Claims in Minnesota
  17. Repair and Maintenance: Management is Failing to Maintain the Property
  18. Roommates: Roommate Problems in Mississippi
  19. Change of Ownership: Tenant's Rights With Possibly Pending Foreclosure, in California
  20. Roommates: Kick Out My Roommate in Michigan, Not On The Lease
  21. Repair and Maintenance: Bad Fridge and a Detached Porch
  22. Rent and Utilities: Utilities Dispute in New York
  23. Roommates: Rooming With An Emancipated Minor
  24. Roommates: Selling Abandoned Property to Get Back Rent
  25. Repair and Maintenance: Problems with Leaks and Mold in Florida
  26. Rent and Utilities: Shady Landlord Claiming Rent Beyond What Was Owed
  27. Rent and Utilities: Where To File Suit for Unpaid Rent
  28. Quiet Enjoyment: Landlord Insists On Monthly Inspections
  29. Rent and Utilities: Landlord "Stealing" Utilities
  30. Roommates: Do I Need To Notify Landlord Of Boyfriend Moving In
  31. Roommates: Roommate Fails To Secure The House When She Leaves, in Oregon
  32. Roommates: Roommate Suing Me Over Sale Of Jointly Owned Couch
  33. Roommates: Roommate Refuses to Sign Release Letter, in California
  34. Quiet Enjoyment: Can Enforcement of 'Quiet Enjoyment' Be Unreasonable, in California
  35. Pets: Major Changes in Pet Policy, Do I Need To Comply?
  36. Roommates: Roommate Owes Rent, Belongings Left In Apartment
  37. Roommates: Roommates Who Are On The Lease Want A Problem Roommate To Move Out
  38. Roommates: Roommate Signed The Lease, But Didn't Move In
  39. Parking and Access: Landlord Towed Car in Michigan
  40. Rent and Utilities: Landlord Has Not Cashed The Rent Check, in California
  41. Roommates: Attachment of Wages After a Judgment in California
  42. Rent and Utilities: Splitting Utility Bills
  43. Repair and Maintenance: Landlord Not Repairing Toilet and A/C in Louisiana
  44. Repair and Maintenance: Problems With New Apartment, Bad Landlord
  45. Repair and Maintenance: Dishonest Landlord Began Major Plumbing Work Right After I Moved In
  46. Rent and Utilities: Only One Tenant Billed For Water, Sewer and Garbage
  47. Roommates: Evicting a Roommate Who Is Co-Owner
  48. Change of Ownership: Landlord Putting Unit on the Market in California
  49. Roommates: Problems With A New Roommate in Michigan
  50. Roommates: How Many Roommates or Lodgers May A Landlord Have In A House
  51. Quiet Enjoyment: Renter's Car was Towed
  52. Change of Ownership: Landlord Putting Duplex On The Market in California
  53. Roommates: Guest Turns Into Nightmare
  54. Rent and Utilities: Overcharged for Utilities
  55. Repair and Maintenance: Unprofessional Staff At MBS in Tomball, Texas
  56. Repair and Maintenance: How To Get Out Of A Bad Rental House in Virginia
  57. Rent and Utilities: Landlord Didn't Tell Us Our Hot Water Feeds The "Community" Clothes Washer
  58. Rent and Utilities: Tenant Real Estate Tax Surcharge in New Jersey
  59. Roommates: Roommate Won't Allow a Replacement Roommate after Early Termination
  60. Repair and Maintenance: Air Conditioner Problems
  61. Repair and Maintenance: Landlord's Right to Enter in California
  62. Roommates: Found My Roommate Never Completed the Application
  63. Rent and Utilities: Notice to Quit or Pay Rent in Wisconsin
  64. Roommates: Do Association Bylaws Supersede County Ordinances
  65. Repair and Maintenance: Roommate and Water Damage
  66. Roommates: Solutions For Getting A Problem Roommate To Move Out
  67. Repair and Maintenance: Landlord Trying To Charge $500 Over Deposit for Painting
  68. Quiet Enjoyment: Getting Rid Of Tenants' Problem Guests in California
  69. Change of Ownership: Tenants Rights After Foreclosure in Ohio
  70. Roommates: Roomate Never Moved In, in Florida
  71. Roommates: Roommate Did Not Give Landlord Notice to Vacate in California
  72. Rent and Utilities: Retroactive Utility Charges in California
  73. Rent and Utilities: Charged for Utilities After Moving out
  74. Renter's Rights Upon The Sale of Real Estate
  75. Roommates: Legally Keeping an Ex-Roommate Out of Residence if Still On the Lease
  76. Repair and Maintenance: No Water Pressure
  77. Quiet Enjoyment: Noisy Neighbor in Florida
  78. Quiet Enjoyment: Breach of Quiet Enjoyment in California
  79. Rent and Utilities: Rent Check Didn't Clear
  80. Rent and Utilities: Rent Increase
  81. Roommates: Recovering Early Termination Fees After Roommate Moved Out
  82. Rent and Utilities: Accepting Six Months Rent in Advance in California
  83. Repair and Maintenance: Am I liable?
  84. Quiet Enjoyment: My Neighbor is Fabricating Noise Complaints in New Jersey
  85. Rent and Utilities: Question about prorated rent
  86. Rent and Utilities: Money Applied to Late Fees First
  87. Roommates: Roommate Wants Out of the Lease, in New Jersey
  88. Rent and Utilities: Late Fees
  89. Roommates: Roommate Commits in Writing but Backs Out on the Night of Move-In
  90. Quiet Enjoyment: My Car Was Damaged At My Apartment Complex
  91. Roommates: Roommate Moved Out, Later Found an Air Matress In her Room, and Won't Pay
  92. Roommates: Can We Evict Two Roommates, in California
  93. Quiet Enjoyment: Smoke Intrusion from Across-the-Hall Neighbor
  94. Roommates: Still Paying Rent After Breaking Up
  95. Roommates: Roommate Left Belongings and Won't Come Get Them, in Illinois
  96. Quiet Enjoyment: Smokers Rights
  97. Roommates: Housemate Eviction in Georgia
  98. Repair and Maintenance: DishNetwork Installed Without Consulting the Landlord
  99. Roommates: Failure to Give Notice, Small Claims in California
  100. Roommates: Roommate Issues in Ohio
  101. Roommates: Should I Run Credit Checks on my Roommates
  102. Change of Ownership: Landlord Foreclosure with No Lease
  103. Roommates: Asking a Roommate to Leave, in California
  104. Roommates: Roommate Left Belongings
  105. Repair and Maintenance: Flooded Apartment in Ohio
  106. Rent and Utilities: High Water Bill From Leak
  107. Roommates: Separately Renting Out Rooms In A Single Dwelling
  108. Roommates: Roommate Not Paying Utilities and Late on Rent
  109. Roommates: Evicting a Rommate (Tenant) in Massachusetts
  110. Rent and Utilities: Roommate Will Not Pay Utility Bills
  111. Roommates: Must Housemate Legally be Reimbursed?
  112. Parking and Access: Not Enough Parking Spaces
  113. Roommates: I Moved Out and Will Pay, but Roommate Won't Find Another Roommate
  114. Rent and Utilities: Ratio Utility Billing System
  115. Extending a Lease House Rented From a Church
  116. Roommates: Removing a Roommate From a Lease
  117. Repair and Maintenance: Landlord's Property Damage Claim After Moving In with No Lease
  118. Rent and Utilities: RUBS Billing In Nebraska
  119. Roommates: How To Legally Remove a Roommate Whose Name Is Not On The Lease
  120. Roommates: Breaking a Lease in Virginia, Roommates Won't Approve Sublet
  121. Tenant Left Without Notice
  122. Rent and Utilities: RUBs When Moving Out
  123. Roommates: Unwanted Guest
  124. Rent and Utilities: Receiving and Verifying Utility Bills
  125. Roommates: Roommate Won't Pay
  126. Roommates: Roommate's Nonpaying Boyfriend Won't Leave
  127. Quiet Enjoyment: Owner Lied About the Property
  128. Quiet Enjoyment: Owner's Husband Moved Into My Occupied Rental
  129. Rent and Utilities: Landlord Wants to Increase Rent and Charge Late Fees
  130. Pets: Landlord Rejected Small Pet After Prior Consent
  131. Change of Ownership: Rental Property in Foreclosure in Texas
  132. Roommates: Roommates From Hell
  133. Roommates: Friend Won't Move His Belongings
  134. Roommates: Evicting Someone Who is Not On the Lease, in Texas
  135. Repair and Maintenance: Owner's Liability Where a Climate-Controlled Storage Building Flooded
  136. Repair and Maintenance: Extensive Water Damage, Twice, in Virginia
  137. Repair and Maintenance: How Can Landlords Protect Their Personal Property Against Lawsuits
  138. Roommates: Need Stinky Roommate Gone, ASAP
  139. Rent and Utilities: Never Received Final Bill, in Illinois
  140. Rent and Utilities: My Mom Failed To Pay My Apartment Rent, and I Am Being Sued
  141. Quiet Enjoyment: Old Landlord Repeatedly Contacting New Landlord, in Missouri
  142. Rent and Utilities: Early Payment in Missouri
  143. Roommates: Military Roommate Leaving Group House
  144. Roommates: Getting My Name Off of a Lease
  145. Change of Ownership: Florida Rental Foreclosure
  146. Roommates: Taking a Roommate Off Of The Lease, in California
  147. Apartment Rental Issues In New York City
  148. Roommates: Evicting a Roommate who Paid Rent, but Violated Verbal Agreement
  149. Parking and Access: Apartment Parking Lot Laws and Minimum Tenant Parking
  150. Rent and Utilities: Rent Collection Statute Of Limitations
  151. Quiet Enjoyment: Rented Rooms in a House, and Intrusions By Landlord
  152. Change of Ownership: Landlord Let The House Go Into Foreclosure And I Have No Heat
  153. Repair and Maintenance: Can I Break My Lease Over Excessive Water Damage in Washington State
  154. Roommates: Kicking Out My Roommate
  155. Change of Ownership: Renting a Property To Be Sold in a Short Sale
  156. Roommates: Evicting A Roommate On A Lease In Ohio
  157. Roommates: Renting A Three Bedroom Condo With A Bad Roommate
  158. Quiet Enjoyment: Noisy Upstairs Neighbors With Kids - What Can I Do?
  159. Roommates: Roommate Wants Me To Vacate In a Month
  160. Rent and Utilities: Shared Utilities In Pennsylvania
  161. Roommates: Roommate Has My Money, Suddenly Won't Return My Calls
  162. Roommates: Roommate Said They'd Move But Now Won't
  163. Roommates: Need Help With An Illegal Resident
  164. Rent and Utilities: Landlord Stealing Utilities
  165. Quiet Enjoyment: How to Find a Landlord-Tenant Lawyer
  166. Repair and Maintenance: Uncooperative Tenant Won't Permit Repairs, Reporting To Public Health
  167. Change of Ownership: Home I Am Renting Was Foreclosed, in Florida
  168. Roommates: Roommate Won't Pay For Past Bills
  169. Change of Ownership: Renting a Home That Is Being Foreclosed
  170. Roommates: Evicting The Roommate From Hell
  171. Roommates: I Want My Friend's Stuff Out Of My Basement
  172. Roommates: Co-tenant Moving Out Early And Will Not Pay More Rent
  173. Quiet Enjoyment: Can A Landlord Shut Off Access to a Bathroom in a Shared House
  174. Rent and Utilities: Can My Landlord Continue To Charge A Late Fee After I Paid The Rent, in Texas
  175. Roommates: Ex-Roommate Claims I Didn't Pay Rent
  176. Quiet Enjoyment: Exposure To Cigarette Smoke
  177. Roommates: Single Mom Abandoned By Boyfriend, With Nine Months Left On The Lease
  178. Roommates: Is Permission Required For Roommate To Sublet
  179. Roommates: Boyfriend Moved Friend Into My Apartment, and I Want Him Out
  180. Repair and Maintenance: Replacing Condo Windows
  181. Parking and Access: Private Home Apartment Parking
  182. Quiet Enjoyment: My Neighbor Is Exaggerating Noise Complaints, in Florida
  183. Roommates: Ex-Roommate Suing In Small Claims Court In California
  184. Roommates: Selecting a Replacement Roommate
  185. Quiet Enjoyment: Georgia Noise Problem
  186. Roommates: Non-Paying Roommate
  187. Rent and Utilities: Fraudulent Advertising and Reissuing A Lost Check
  188. Roommates: Getting Belongings After Moving Out
  189. Roommates: Roommate Trouble
  190. Roommates: Lease Expired But Roommate Stayed On Month-To-Month, And Didn't Pay Rent
  191. Repair and Maintenance: Maintenance Problems, and Renting From A California Slumlord
  192. Rent and Utilities: Proper Notice For A Rent Increase
  193. Roommates: Evicting a Roommate
  194. Rent and Utilities: Recovering Deposit and First Months Rent After Backing Out of Lease
  195. Rent and Utilities: Tenant Moved Out Without Paying Garbage Bill
  196. Roommates: Roommates Property Left Behind in Illinois
  197. Roommates: Roommate On The Lease Moved Out
  198. Roommates: What To Do With Ex-Roommate's Belongings
  199. Roommates: Getting Rid of an Unwanted Roommate in Florida
  200. Roommates: I've Moved Out And I Can No Longer Pay Rent
  201. Roommates: Crazy Roommate Must Go
  202. Roommates: Who Is The Landlord, In California
  203. Roommates: Roommate Owes $700 In Rent, My House, No Lease What Are My Rights To Recover My Money
  204. Repair and Maintenance: Apartment Fire In Arizona And The Bills Are Coming
  205. Roommates: Roommate Stole, Won't Pay Rent, And Now Won't Leave
  206. Roommates: Roommate Defaulting On Lease - Duty To Mitigate?
  207. Roommates: Taking Ex-Roommate To Small Claims Court
  208. Repair and Maintenance: Apartment "Unprepared" For Pest Extermination Fees
  209. Roommates: Sued Over Property Left In Apartment
  210. Roommates: Dispute With Ex Over Security Deposit
  211. Roommates: How To Get My Ex-Girlfriend Out Of The Apartment
  212. Change of Ownership: Tenant Refuses To Sign A New Contract With The New Landlord
  213. Quiet Enjoyment: Downstairs Neighbors Make Too Much Noise
  214. Parking and Access: Does Apartment Complex Have Authority To Tow Cars
  215. Change of Ownership: Landlord Being Foreclosed On In Florida
  216. Rent and Utilities: Obligation To Pay Utility Bills After Moveout
  217. Roommates: Rent Payments and Roommate Problems
  218. Quiet Enjoyment: California Landlord Insists On Constant Inspections
  219. Change of Ownership: Responsibilities of Landlord or Management Company From Foreclosure
  220. Roommates: Ex-"Roommate" Wants Return Of Belongings Left As A Gift
  221. Roommates: Roomate On Lease Moved Out, Wants Back In After 6 Months
  222. Quiet Enjoyment: Non-Functioning Mailbox
  223. Roommates: Getting Personal Property Back
  224. Pets: Landlord Knew About The Cat But Did Nothing
  225. Repair and Maintenance: Can Landlord Require Me To Pay For Half Of Appliance Repairs
  226. Roommates: Ex-Roommate Refuses To Give Back Personal Porperty
  227. Roommates: Help With A Roomate Not On The Lease
  228. Repair and Maintenance: Cockroach And Heating Problems
  229. Repair and Maintenance: Owners Want Rent When There Is No Running Water
  230. Roommates: Evicting A Roommate With An Oral Lease
  231. Roommates: How To Get Ex-Girlfriend Out Of The Apartment In New York City
  232. Roommates: Non-Payment Of Rent From Joint Lessee/Roommate
  233. Rent and Utilities: Late Fee, Interest, Oral Payment Agreement Dispute
  234. Change of Ownership: Someone Else's Personal Property In My Newly Purchased Building
  235. Repair and Maintenance: How Long Does My Landlord Have To Fix My Heat
  236. Repair and Maintenance: Reported Landlord As Slumlord, Now Getting Threats
  237. Roommates: Abandonment Claim, Only For Lessors?
  238. Change of Ownership: Lockbox Issues With Landlord
  239. Roommates: May Want Roommate To Move Out
  240. Roommates: Girl Who Rented Room Moved Out, Got Lawyer In California
  241. Roommates: Being Evicted In New Jersey
  242. Roommates: Evicting A Non-Leased Housemate In New Jersey
  243. Roommates: Rights of Subletter, Not On Lease, In New York
  244. Change of Ownership: Landlord Filed Bankruptcy
  245. Roommates: Roommate Named On Lease Moves Out In Georgia
  246. Roommates: Unwanted House Guests
  247. Quiet Enjoyment: Kids Not On Lease Nevada
  248. Pets: Tenant And Dog
  249. Roommates: Can I Evict My Roommate
  250. Roommates: Roomate Eviction
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