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View Full Version : Auto Loans and Repossession

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  1. Repossession: Assaulted by Repo Man Who Broke Laws
  2. Repossession: How to Stop Repossession Before It Starts
  3. Repossession: Repo and Chapter 7
  4. Repossession: Can a Repo Man Call You at 2am
  5. Repossession: Sold Vehicle, Charged for Towing, Storage, Etc
  6. Repossession: Wrong Information in a Summons
  7. Cosigners: Summons Left on Doorstep for Me and Cosigner and We're Both Unemployed, What Do We Do
  8. Repossession: Returning a Motorcycle to the Dealership After Signing Ownership Papers
  9. Repossession: What Laws Must a Repo Man Follow
  10. Repossession: Finance Company Will Not Provide Information on Repossessed Auto
  11. Repossession: When and How Can I Repo a Vehicle I Sold
  12. Repossession: Turning in Car or Other Options
  13. Repossession: Personal Property Right from a Repossed Vehicle in Florida
  14. Repossession: No Contact Until Three Years After Repo
  15. Repossession: Rights Before Repo
  16. Cosigners: Default on Loan with Cosigner
  17. Repossession: We Surrendered, They Sold Without Notifying Us
  18. Repossession: Puzzling Auto Loan Question.Am I Lucky
  19. Repossession: Rights When Vehicle Voluntarily Surrendered
  20. Repossession: Co-Signer Problems - What to Do
  21. Repossession: Sold Car to Friend, Still Waiting for Rest of Payment
  22. Repossession: Repossession
  23. Cosigners: Cosigner on Car Loan 3 Days Later, Husband Left Me
  24. Repossession: Potential Repossession in California
  25. Repossession: What State Law Applies for the SOL on Loans
  26. Repossession: Ex-Fiance Co-Owner Issues
  27. Repossession: Is It a Criminal Act to Not Voluntarily Relinquish Auto
  28. Repossession: Can a Lender Immediately Garnish a Debt
  29. Repossession: Is It True Banks Cannot Remove Late Payments Reported to Credit Agencies
  30. Repossession: Motor Home Repossession in California
  31. Repossession: Can a Creditor Deny My Right to Refinance My Vehicle with Another Company
  32. Repossession: What Are My Rights As an Auto Loan Co-Signer
  33. Repossession: Can Auto Repo Guys Damage My Property and Not Fix It
  34. Repossession: Being Sued by Credit Union
  35. Repossession: Camper Repossession Laws
  36. Repossession: Repossession in New Jersey
  37. Repossession: Repossession
  38. Repossession: Judgement Following Auto Repossession
  39. Repossession: ATV Repossession Without Lienholder
  40. Repossession: How Many Payments Can Be Missed Before Repo
  41. Repossession: Auto Repo and Consumer Protection Laws
  42. Repossession: Disablity Insurance Late on Payment
  43. Repossession: Vehicle Repossession Fees
  44. Cosigners: Mom Cosigner,repossesion,relief Needed
  45. Cosigners: Wife's Liability as Cosigner After Husband Left the Country With an Auto Loan Balance
  46. Repossession: Totaled a Car With No Insurance and Defaulted on Co-Signed Loan
  47. Repossession: Voluntary Surrender Car, Can I Refinance the Outstanding Debt
  48. Repossession: Repossession
  49. Repossession: Auto Collection Summons
  50. Repossession: Cosigning an Auto Loan
  51. Repossession: Should You Answer The Door For a Repo Man
  52. Repossession: Maryland Repo: What Now
  53. Repossession: Loan Balance After Last Payment
  54. Repossession: Georgia Auto Reposession
  55. Repossession: Are You Required by Law to Pay Repo Off in Full
  56. Repossession: Voluntary Surrender on a Lease, How Much Can They Come After Me
  57. Repossession: Accidentally Paid Off a Friend's Motorcycle
  58. Repossession: Auto Written Off But Still Have Vehicle
  59. Repossession: Texas Repo With Threats and Breach of Contract
  60. Repossession: Ex Wife's Car but I Got Her Debt
  61. Repossession: Dirtbike Repossession - How Will My Credit Be Affected
  62. Repossession: Co-Signer
  63. Repossession: Repo Over Traffic Violation
  64. Repossession: Vehicle Set for Repossession is Not in Our House
  65. Repossession: Voluntary Repo - Can Lien Be Placed on Home
  66. Repossession: What Actions Can Be Taken with a Voluntary Repo
  67. Repossession: Refusal to Repossess but Loan Still Charged Off
  68. Cosigners: Auto Cosigner in Trouble
  69. Repossession: 2 Repo'ing, 2 Staying
  70. Repossession: Protections from the Bank
  71. Repossession: Recovering Car Payments Made For Someone Else
  72. Repossession: How is Spouse Affected
  73. Repossession: Co-Signer Rights to an Auto
  74. Repossession: Ex-Wife Threatening to Allow Repo
  75. Repossession: Repo with Incorrect Pay History
  76. Repossession: What Happens To The Vehicle If They Don't Repo
  77. Repossession: ATV Loan
  78. Repossession: Anyway to Stop Collections on a Car Loan
  79. Repossession: Voluntary Repo, I'm Being Sued
  80. Repossession: Co-Signer Liability After Repo Due To Unpaid Fines
  81. Repossession: Car Loan Modifications
  82. Repossession: Husband on Ex-Wife's Car Loan, Vehicle Repossessed
  83. Repossession: Decided to Reposess, but How to Do It Legally
  84. Repossession: Freezing Assets - Auto Repo but Not in My Name
  85. Repossession: Title Loan and Repossession
  86. Repossession: Car Loan Settlement
  87. Repossession: Trying to Fix Things for Aunt Who Helped Get Me a Car
  88. Repossession: Pennsylvania Right to Cure
  89. Repossession: Can a Bank Take Car Payments Out of a Joint Account if the Loan Belongs to One Spouse
  90. Repossession: What to Do if You Suspect a Car is Being Hidden from the Repo Man
  91. Repossession: Fees After Sale of Repossession
  92. Repossession: Why Should I Pay the Balance
  93. Repossession: California Laws Regarding Repos
  94. Repossession: When Can I Finance a New Car
  95. Repossession: Debtor Rights
  96. Repossession: Wrecked Financed Vehicle
  97. Repossession: Possibly Illegal Repo
  98. Repossession: Private Party Auto Sale Default
  99. Repossession: Does Car Repo Affect Joint Title Holder
  100. Cosigners: Cosigned 2 Vehicles-They Won't Pay-I Can't
  101. Repossession: Lender Won't Pick Up Car
  102. Repossession: Voluntary Reposession and Deficiency Judgments
  103. Repossession: Vehicle Repo Rights
  104. Repossession: Texas Vehicle Repo and Trespassing Laws
  105. Repossession: Repo Process
  106. Repossession: Title Loan in Default in Idaho
  107. Repossession: Can I Sue for Car Payments
  108. Repossession: What Do I Do with a $10k Truck the Bank Charged Off the Loan
  109. Repossession: Non-Custodial Parent Holds Loan on Car That I Drive
  110. Repossession: Unjustified Repo
  111. Repossession: ATV Loan. I Sold It, I Owe a Lot, They Want to Sue Me
  112. Repossession: Can the Repo Guy Come at 1:00 in the Morning
  113. Repossession: Vehicle Charge-Off, No Repo, Now What
  114. Collection and Enforcement: Statute on Filing Judgment on Old Repo
  115. Repossession: Involuntary Surrender of Vehicle
  116. Repossession: Can the Bank Repo a Car Without Notification
  117. Repossession: Joint Ownership of an Auto in New Hampshire
  118. Repossession: Can They Sell My House for a Vehicle Repo
  119. Repossession: Soon-To-Be-Ex Defaults on Car Loan
  120. Repossession: Personal Property After Repo
  121. Repossession: Wrongful Reposession of a Vehicle
  122. Repossession: Michigan Repo Law
  123. Repossession: Repossession in New York
  124. Repossession: Can I Go to Jail Becouse My Friend Hide My Car from Repo Agent
  125. Repossession: Ex Wants Car Repossessed But I Do Not - Do I Just Make Payments
  126. Repossession: Extremely Old Invalid Debt, Being Harassed by Collection Agency
  127. Repossession: Can I Be Sued
  128. Repossession: Sued in Civil Court by Co-Signer for 6 Months of Payments
  129. Collection Lawsuits: Mazda Credit Has Lien on Title - Statute of Limitations Expired
  130. Repossession: What is Alabama Laws on Repo of Pawn Car Title and Time Period Able to Get Car Back
  131. Repossession: Repossession Permit in Chicago, Illinois
  132. Repossession: Voluntary Repo with Cancel All Debt in Exchange for Collateral
  133. Repossession: Harrasing Phone Calls
  134. Repossession: Private Repossession 4 Years After Final Payment
  135. Repossession: Can I Give Back a Car that's in Default
  136. Repossession: Default on Credit Union Car Loan
  137. Repossession: Georgia Repo
  138. Repossession: Suing Over a Repo
  139. Repossession: I Can No Longer Pay My Car Loan
  140. Repossession: Car Repo When Only 1 Month Past Due
  141. Repossession: Vehicle Scrapped and Cut Up
  142. Repossession: Mother Cosigning in Pennsylvania
  143. Repossession: Voluntary Repossession - Now Being Harrassed
  144. Repossession: Why Won't They Repo Dead Husband's Car
  145. Repossession: Car Repo - Payments Not Recorded
  146. Repossession: Cosignor Had to Sell a Home in Order to Pay for Car for Main Signator
  147. Repossession: Non Disclosure in Repossession
  148. Repossession: After Repo, Lender Not Accept Payment, I Have to Pay the Entire Balance
  149. Repossession: Voluntary Repossession in Pennsylvania
  150. Repossession: Voluntary Repossession in Tennessee
  151. Repossession: Debt Collection After Getting Vehicle Title
  152. Repossession: Damage to Car During Repo
  153. Repossession: Unfair Repossession
  154. Repossession: They Repossessed My Car and Just Made Payment on May 9 and Not Due Until June 7
  155. Repossession: Car Buyer Not Making Payments, Disappeared
  156. Repossession: Obligations After a Car Repo
  157. Collection Lawsuits: Statute of Limitations for Debt After Repossession
  158. Repossession: Co-Signer's Right to Reposses Motorcyle in California
  159. Repossession: I Financed, Buyer Defaulted, Now What Can I Do
  160. Repossession: Primary on My Auto Loan - What Are My Rights
  161. Repossession: Car Repossession - Tx
  162. Repossession: Default Car Loan Over 6 Years Old
  163. Repossession: How Often Do Debt Collectors Garnish Wages
  164. Repossession: Indiana Auto Repo, Now Being Sued for Difference
  165. Repossession: Voluntary Repossession
  166. Repossession: Late or Missed Auto Loan Payments in North Carolina
  167. Repossession: Car Was Never Repoed, Now Being Charged with Theft
  168. Repossession: Recent Repo in California
  169. Repossession: Co-Signer Issues
  170. Cosigners: Can I Sue Cosigner for Amount of Personal Loan Tacked Onto Auto Loan
  171. Repossession: North Carolina Civil Summons After Car Repo
  172. Repossession: Repossession in Indiana
  173. Repossession: Auto Loan - Spouse Responsible for Debt
  174. Repossession: Ex-Wife Disappears with Car, Courts After Me
  175. Repossession: Repo Done, Sale Done, Now What
  176. Repossession: Behind on Payment, Worried About Repo
  177. Repossession: Junk-Debt Buyer Bought the Loan
  178. Repossession: Threatened with Charge Off
  179. Repossession: How To Repossess Car We Sold Privately
  180. Repossession: Car Never Repo'd - 14 Years Later Trying to Collect
  181. Repossession: Can You Be Arrested for Non Payment of Car Loan
  182. Repossession: Concerning a Co-Signer
  183. Repossession: Auto Repo After Wire Payment
  184. Repossession: Iím Not Registered nor the Contract Holder of the Car and Itís Out for Repo
  185. Repossession: New Florida Law Regarding Lienors
  186. Repossession: I Have Repo'ed a Car - What Do I Do Now
  187. Repossession: Getting My Car Back
  188. Repossession: Auto Title Loan Repo
  189. Repossession: Repossesion and Criminal Law
  190. Repossession: Bank to Charge Off Loan Before Gap Insurance Goes Through
  191. Repossession: Writ of Replevin in New York
  192. Repossession: Repossession After Bankruptcy
  193. Repossession: Repo Man and Car Repossession
  194. Repossession: Sold a Vehicle to a Friend and He Stopped Paying Me
  195. Repossession: Car Being Repossessed in Lieu of Taking Payment
  196. Repossession: Unexplainable Fees Added to Loan After Repossession
  197. Repossession: Collections on Previous Repo
  198. Repossession: Dropped from Insurance
  199. Repossession: Title Loan in Default, Time to Renew Registration
  200. Repossession: Niece Suing Over Auto Loan I Co-Signed for
  201. Repossession: Repossessed of My Financed Vehicle that I Sold to Friend
  202. Repossession: Texas Auto Loan Repo for Default
  203. Cosigners: Cosigner's Right to Notice of Default
  204. Repossession: Repo Fees in Private Sale
  205. Repossession: Denied Financing, Bought a Car Elsewhere, Now Contacted By Bank
  206. Repossession: No Missed Payments, Ex Had Car Voluntarily Repossessed-Nm
  207. Repossession: Is Creditor Required to Have a Perfected Lien on the Title in Order to Repo
  208. Repossession: Fverbal Car Agreement Gone Bad
  209. Repossession: Repo Company Charging Me for Personal Belongings Left in Car
  210. Repossession: Car Repo Rules
  211. Repossession: Toll Violations ($450.00) 3 Days After Repo
  212. Repossession: How to Short Sell a Vehicle With a Lien
  213. Repossession: Voluntary Car Repo
  214. Repossession: Car Loan Charge-Off
  215. Repossession: Can't Raise Money By Settlement Deadline
  216. Repossession: Made the Payment, Still Got Repoed
  217. Repossession: Repossession
  218. Repossession: Auto Repossession
  219. Repossession: What Are the Consumer Protection Laws for My State
  220. Repossession: What Rights Does My Father Have As a Co-Signer to My Car
  221. Repossession: Can a Repo Man Have Me Arrested
  222. Repossession: Repossesion of Truck Used As Loan Collateral
  223. Repossession: Repo of a Vehicle If I Have Clear Title
  224. Repossession: Is a Wheel Boot Legal
  225. Repossession: Can I Repo a Car As Joint Debtor/Title
  226. Repossession: Auto Repossessed After Identity Stolen in Atlanta
  227. Repossession: Wrongful Repossession
  228. Repossession: Co-Signer Trying to Avoid Garnishment
  229. Repossession: Can Repo Take My Car if I Bought the Car with Release of Lien and I Have New Title
  230. Repossession: Repo of My Vehicle
  231. Repossession: RV Repossessed, Now a Court Demand
  232. Repossession: Can They Repo
  233. Loan Agreements: Does Dealer Have to Honor Mistake on Contract
  234. Repossession: Boat Repossed in Michigan
  235. Cosigners: Can a Cosigner Just Take Away a Car
  236. Repossession: How Can I Repo a Vehicle That Was Collateral for a Personal Loan
  237. Cosigners: Can a Cosigner Just Take Away a Car
  238. Repossession: Co-Signer Rights
  239. Repossession: Can a Collection Agency Sue a Spouse for a Defaulted Car Loan
  240. Repossession: Being Sued by Third Party for Repo'd Truck in 07
  241. Cosigners: Cosigner Action
  242. Repossession: If My Car is "Charged Off", Will They Stop Trying to Repo It
  243. Repossession: Ownership and Loan Collection Assignment
  244. Loan Agreements: Breach of Contract on a Van I Sold
  245. Repossession: Voluntary Surrender and Other Options
  246. Repossession: Is the Lender Somehow Notified if a Chrged Off Vehicle is Registred
  247. Repossession: Car Loan After Returning Car to Bank
  248. Repossession: How to Handle Breach of Promissory Note
  249. Repossession: Getting Out of Joint Auto Loan
  250. Repossession: Nervous About Reprisal on a Repo
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