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View Full Version : Vehicle Registration and Title

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  1. Vehicle Registration Renewal for Texas, but Live in Puerto Rico
  2. Car Sold, Title Signed Over, Possibly No NRL
  3. No Title/Proof of Ownership Problem - Too Old
  4. Ticket for No New Jersey Inspection Sticker
  5. Repeatedly Pulled Over for the Same Offense
  6. New Car Registration Not Received in Mail
  7. Liens: Buying Car from Private Seller That Has a Lien on It
  8. Total Loss Vehicle Title Due to Repossession by Previous Owner
  9. Problems Registering an Old Truck
  10. Liens: Buying a Car from Private Seller, Found Out Car Has a Lien on It
  11. How to Purchase a Car in A Different State
  12. Alternating New Information to Current Registration
  13. Car Dealer Did Not Pay-Off My Trade-in
  14. What to Expect when Registration Has Been Expired for 10 Years
  15. Purchased Truck With a Missing VIN Number
  16. Oral Contracts and Ownership of Car
  17. Bought a Car, Title Not in Seller's Name Can't Register - What Happens Now
  18. How to Obtain Title in My Name
  19. Difficulties Registering a New York Vehicle in Massachusetts
  20. Girl Left, Can't Find Her, Car Just Sitting Around
  21. Title Transfer Between States for a Classic Car
  22. Suspended Registration: Operating While Registration Suspended
  23. CHP Has My Motorcycle
  24. VIN Does Not Show in Washington System
  25. Long Delay in Title Transfer, Lost Title
  26. Suspended Registration: Ticketed for Suspended Registration
  27. Unregistered Vehicles: Can I Sell an Unregistered Car
  28. Difficulty Registering Vehicle, Purchased by Auction From Another State
  29. Unregistered Vehicles: Is an Operating an Unregistered Motor Vehicle Citation Dismissable
  30. Defrauded into Signing Over Title
  31. How to Drop My Name from Car Title
  32. Ex-Girlfriend Sold a Vehicle We Owned As Joint Tenants - Do I Have a Claim
  33. Is It Possible or Necessary to Register a Moped in Illinois with a Michigan License
  34. Cited for No Registration
  35. Failure to Sign and Carry Registration
  36. Not Sure Why I Was Sent New License Plates
  37. Lost Title for Trailer
  38. Liens: Car Purchased Without Lien Being Disclosed
  39. Title Loan Company Out of Business - How to Clear Title
  40. Unregistered Vehicles: Arrested for Unregistered Auto
  41. No License Plates Shown
  42. Parking Ticket Fraud
  43. How to be Certain that Vehicle Registration Has Been Canceled
  44. Citations for Expired Registration
  45. Sold My Car to a Guy Who Won't Return My Tags - What Are My Options
  46. Ticket for "Registration Tabs" in California
  47. Buying a Vehicle in a State Where I Don't Live, for Use During Travel
  48. Car Towed by Apt. Complex - Small Claims Court
  49. Liens: Lien Showed Up on Private Party Used Car Purchased with Clean Title in California
  50. How Long Can a Creditor Take to Repo a Vehicle
  51. Registration Fix-It Ticket
  52. How Does a Dealer Temporary Registration Work
  53. Penalties for Expired Registration Tags
  54. Expired Registration Florida. Who Gets Ticketed
  55. Expired Tabs, Failure to Transfer Title
  56. Truck Title in Deceased Person's Name
  57. Going to Court for Expired Registration Citation
  58. Liens: Sued for Private Party Vehicle Payments; No Lien Holder
  59. Traded Vehicles Title for Title, But My Vehicle Was Not Titled in My Name
  60. Re-Registering a Co-Titled Vehicle
  61. Bought a Car That Won't Pass Smog Seller Refuse to Give Money Back
  62. Vehicle Purchased but Title Not Transferred
  63. Am I Responsible for a New Owner Who Did Not Transfer a Title
  64. Obtaining Title for a Vehicle Who's Previous Owner is Deceased
  65. Problems Getting Title to a Boat
  66. Renting a Car in Somebody Else's Name - What Would Happen if I Get Caught
  67. Title Edit is Needed, but Seller Won't Sign the Affidavit
  68. Waiting for a Second Arraignment (for 7 Months), Meanwhile I Can't Register My Car
  69. Delaying Registering a Car After Moving to Another State
  70. Purchased Vehicle, but Title Was Never Transferred
  71. My Rights As a Co-Buyer
  72. Who Gets the Red Light Ticket if Car Owned by a Corporation
  73. Purchase of a Vehicle from Deceased Owner's Family Member
  74. Register a Vehicle in Different State from Title and Drivers License
  75. How to Register a Vehicle with Expired Registration and Lost Title
  76. DMV Says I Never Renewed My Registration
  77. Texas Car Title and Registration
  78. Repossession Based on Invalid Title
  79. Wrecked a Vehicle I Was Taking Over Payments On
  80. Suspended Registration: Assessed a Fine for Insurance Laps, But No Actual Lapse Occurred
  81. Deliquent Registration
  82. Abandoned Vehicle Laws. How Can I Save These Vehicles on My Property
  83. Multiple FTA's in Multiple Counties Due to Registration Tickets
  84. Title Exempt Alabama Car Purchase
  85. Purchased a Motorcycle That May Be Stolen
  86. New Vehicle Titled Incorrectly - Lienholder Not on Contract
  87. Fined for Lapse in Auto Insurance While Living in a State Allowing Self-Insurance
  88. Can I Trade Car in Without Other Owner's Signature
  89. Private University's Parking Violation Tickets
  90. Liens: Dealer Closed Without Clearing a Lien on Purchased Vehicle
  91. Paid Off Car Loan Years Ago, Title Never Given to Me, Bank Sold
  92. College Student - Failure to Change Registration, Florida Statutes 320.02(4)
  93. Non-Correctable Expired Registration Tabs Citation
  94. Parents Co-Signed Car Loan then Paid It Off
  95. Establishing Title for Untitled Rare and Collectible Cars
  96. Failed to Change Plates, Got Ticket for Expired Tabs
  97. Car Title Has Incorrect Address for Buyer
  98. Driving a Vehicle in Lousiana While Waiting on Titles
  99. Can Dealer Hold Car Tags
  100. Lost My Title and Can't Get a Replacement
  101. Car Ownership
  102. Previous Owner Did Not Transfer Title
  103. Trying to Get My Car Back From a Friend, Car is Titled in Friend's Name
  104. Vehicle Registration During Separation
  105. Registering a Vehicle in Another State
  106. Trailer Registration Signed But Not Transferred
  107. Paid for Repairs, but Owner is Selling Car
  108. Establishing Ownership of a Car Titled in a Parent's Name
  109. Who Can Drive My Car
  110. Can I Take Possession of Vehicle That is Titled to Both Ex-Girlfriend and Myself
  111. Expired License Plate and Lost Title
  112. I Was Sold a Car Without a Title
  113. Penalties for an Expired License Plate
  114. Parking Infraction, "Improper License Display" for Expired Tabs
  115. Co-Signers and Both on Title.what Do I Do After the Break-Up
  116. What Are the Rights of a Vehicle Co Owner
  117. Cited Twice for Registration Sticker
  118. Lein Holder Refuses to Release Title Even Though Loan is Paid in Full
  119. Co-Applicant on Motor Vehicle
  120. Unregistered Vehicles: Can My Impounded Vehicle Be Released to the Joint Owner of Vehicle
  121. Title with No Lein at Sale Now Has Lein
  122. Car Still Not Registered, Three Years After Sale
  123. Vehicle Registration Never Transfered
  124. Title Never Transferred After Sale - What Can I Do
  125. Expired Tabs Citation in Washington State
  126. Removing Name from Title Without Affecting Car Loan
  127. Liens: Can There Legally Be a Lien Holder on My Vehicle if I Owe Nothing on the Vehicle
  128. Washington State License Tabs
  129. Excessive Fees and Penalties California DMV Vehicle Registration Refunds
  130. Was Given Ticket for Expired Registration. Should I Fight in Court
  131. Sold and Signed Over the Title to Friends Over 4 Months Ago and Stil in My Name
  132. How to Get Out of a Revoked Plates Ticket
  133. Lost Titles for Deceased Father's Vehicles
  134. Unregistered Vehicles: Unregistered Boat Trailer
  135. How to Get Truck Title From the Former Owner
  136. Correctable Violations in Collection
  137. Dealer Sold a Used Car Without Smog, Later Denied Selling the Car at All
  138. Prior Salvage Title
  139. Buying Motorcycle: Title Never Transfered by Previous Owner
  140. Florida DMV Needs Court Order to Register Vehicle
  141. Can a Ticket Be Dismissed for Listing the Wrong Code and Violation
  142. Registration Not Complete, Car Towed
  143. Used Car Purchased "As Is" Won't Pass Smog Test
  144. I Paid Cash for a Vehicle 2 Weeks Ago, Was Promised the Title from the Dealership
  145. Unable to Even Get Temp Tag
  146. How to Get Possession of a Co-Owned Vehicle
  147. Car Registration Without Proof of Purchase
  148. Probable Cause for Traffic Stop
  149. Is it Possible to Work Around a Vehicle Registration Block
  150. Purchased a Car from Private Party That Won't Pass the Smog Check
  151. Get Back Trade-in
  152. How to Transfer Vehicle Ownership
  153. Parking Ticket for Expired Registration with Temporary Tags
  154. No ORV Tabs Ticket
  155. No Lienholder on Title but Still Owe on a Private Loan
  156. DMV Will Allow Vehicle to be Registred Only for Use as Parts
  157. Took Back Vehicle Almost One Year After Separation
  158. Co-Owner of Vehicle but My Name is Not on Title Any Recourse
  159. Failure to Meet Deadline for Expired Registration Fix-It Ticket
  160. Can You Correct a "Registration Expired" Ticket
  161. Have Signed Title, Now Being Told I Have to Purchase Mobile Home
  162. Ticket for No Registration
  163. How to Get Title with Just Bill of Sale
  164. Forgot to Get Registration Inspected
  165. Who to Sue to Obtain Title
  166. Ticket for Expired Tabs in Washington
  167. Car Lot Refuses to Pick Up Car After Two Years of Me Not Paying
  168. Liens: Discovered Undisclosed Liens on a Used Car After an Accident
  169. Suspended Registration: Citation Due to Suspended Registration
  170. Sold Vehicle Getting it Smogged, No Bill of Sale, Failed Smog
  171. Moved to New State with Expired Registration
  172. Replacement Title from Deceased Owner
  173. Liens: Finance Company Not Lien Holder
  174. I Hold Title but Ex Has Possession of Car
  175. Co-Signer on Truck
  176. Seller Claims She Smogged Car, but It Won't Even Pass
  177. Driving a Vehicle Registered to a Relative in Another State
  178. Ticket for "Fail to Display Current License Tabs"
  179. Improper Plate Ticket
  180. Registering a Car with a Salvage Title
  181. Unregistered Vehicles: Defenses to Operating an Unregistered Motor Vehicle
  182. Unregistered Vehicles: Bought Scooter with No Title (Ever), No Idea What to Do
  183. Transferring Title: Buying a Car with Money on Title
  184. Unregistered Vehicles: Putting the Next Year's Sticker On Your Tags
  185. Liens: Lien Holder Not Informed of Sheriff's Auction of Vehicle
  186. Unregistered Vehicles: Buying a Boat Trailer From Somebody Without Title
  187. Liens: Bonded Title Issued with Lien
  188. Unregistered Vehicles: Failure to Display License Plate
  189. Title Ownership: Ex Has Possession of Vehicle Titled in My Name
  190. Suspended Registration: My Vehicle Registration Was Cancelled by the DMV in Error
  191. Liens: How to Clear a Title when the Leasing Company is Out of Business
  192. Unregistered Vehicles: Cannot Get Title Owner to Respond to Contact Attempts
  193. Transferring Title: How to Obtain a Vehicle Title in Pennsylvania
  194. Suspended Registration: Threatened With Registration Suspension but Insurance Has Not Lapsed
  195. Title Ownership: Clear Title Before First Payment
  196. Registering a Vehicle: Trip Permit Violation
  197. Registering a Vehicle: Registering a Vehicle After Moving From Another State
  198. Suspended Registration: Suspended Registration in New York
  199. Title Ownership: Who is Entitled to Possession of a Vehicle - Seller, Buyer, or Person Making Payments
  200. Unregistered Vehicles: Legalities of Selling Car Without Title
  201. Title Ownership: Title in My Name, Insurance in Hers, Fine from State
  202. Suspended Registration: Towed Due to Revoked Registration from No Insurance
  203. Transferring Title: How to Get Title to a Car From a Deceased Tenant
  204. Transferring Title: How to Sell a Car That Won't Pass Smog, Buyer is Aware
  205. Registering a Vehicle: Registering a Vehicle Without Prior Registration Information
  206. Title Ownership: Gifting Vehicle to Family Member Without Transfering Registration and Plates
  207. Unregistered Vehicles: Registered Vehicle but Have Not Received Tags
  208. Liens: Title Loan in My Name, 2 People on Title
  209. Unregistered Vehicles: Misdemeanor for Using Former License Plate and No Michigan Registration for Car
  210. Unregistered Vehicles: Vehicle Registration Gone Horribly Wrong
  211. Unregistered Vehicles: Going to Court on an Expired Registration Ticket
  212. Registering a Vehicle: Getting a Ticket for Old Tabs
  213. Title Ownership: How to Sell a Co-Owned Car, Other Owner is Missing
  214. Transferring Title: Bought an Used Car, Seller Does Not Want to Give Car Title
  215. Suspended Registration: California Vehicle License on Hold for Street Sign Colision. but No Ticket
  216. Title Ownership: Can I Sue My Parents For Taking My Car
  217. Title Ownership: How to Register a Vehicle Without Having the Title
  218. Unregistered Vehicles: Driving With No Insurance or Registration
  219. Registering a Vehicle: Remaining Registered in a Different State
  220. Registering a Vehicle: Wife Got Ticket for Expired Registration on My Car
  221. Title Ownership: I'm a Cosigner Paying Everything, Main Signer Wants to Pay Off the Car
  222. Registering a Vehicle: Lost Title Before Registering, No Contact with Previous Owner
  223. Unregistered Vehicles: Defenses for a "Tag Not Assigned" Ticket
  224. Suspended Registration: Is 31 Tickets for Invalid Registration a Form of Harassment
  225. Registering a Vehicle: Registering Expired Vehicle
  226. Transferring Title: Registering a Car from Another State
  227. Transferring Title: Can I Sell a Car Without Registering Title First
  228. Title Ownership: Recovering a Motor Home
  229. Registering a Vehicle: Can I Get a Refund on Unused Registration Stickers
  230. Transferring Title: Bought and Paid for a Vehicle Privately. Seller Cannot Get Hold of Title from Father
  231. Transferring Title: Selling Vehicle Without Title in Hand
  232. Registering a Vehicle: How to Fight Ticket Stating Counterfeit Registration
  233. Transferring Title: Dealer Hasn't Transferred Title and Temporary Tags Have Expired
  234. Title Ownership: My Parents Stole My Car
  235. Registering a Vehicle: Title Not Yet Transferred, Changed Mind on Vehicle
  236. Registering a Vehicle: How to Register a Used Vehicle with No Title or MSO/MCO
  237. Unregistered Vehicles: Driving an Uninsured, Unregistered Vehicle, Forged Vehicle Inspection Sticker
  238. Transferring Title: Acquiring the Title to an Abandoned Vehicle
  239. Registering a Vehicle: Title Invalid
  240. Title Ownership: Got Back My Financed Trade-In, Title Transfer Required
  241. Title Ownership: Co-Owner of Car is Trying to Sell the Car Without My Consent
  242. Title Ownership: Bonded Title and Past Due Registration Fees for Motorcycle Purchased
  243. Transferring Title: Seller Says I Have to Go to the Dealership to Transfer Title
  244. Transferring Title: Transfer of Title, but Title Date is Different
  245. Transferring Title: How to Prove Who Had Possesion of Vehicle
  246. Transferring Title: Transferring Vehicle to Surviving Spouse
  247. Unregistered Vehicles: Selling an Unregistered Salvaged Car
  248. Unregistered Vehicles: Expired Tabs, No Current Copy of Insurance, Defective Windshield
  249. Registering a Vehicle: Having Title Problems with New Vehicle
  250. Transferring Title: Seller Refuses Contact
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