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View Full Version : Vehicle Registration and Title

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  1. Ticketed for Expired Tabs
  2. FL Vehicle Gifted, No BOS, Never Registered, Towed and Now I've Got a Bill
  3. Can a Co-Buyer Make a Decision
  4. Removing Co-Buyer from Registration and Title
  5. Transfering Title to Another State
  6. Incorrect VIN Number to Model
  7. Bought a Car from Friend That Had False Tags and Registration, Car Now Impounded
  8. Co-Ownership Issues with Boat in California
  9. New Lessee Never Registered Vehicle After Lease Assumption, Now I Am Liable
  10. Suspended Registration: Vehicle Registration Suspended Due to Lapse in Car Insurance
  11. Suspended Registration: Suspended Registration Ticket
  12. Transfer of Deceased's Title
  13. Wrongly Towed for Expired Registration
  14. Dealer Shut Down Before Title Signed Over
  15. Expired Vehicle Registration Tabs
  16. Received a Ticket on My Windscreen for Expired Tabs
  17. New Owner Didn't Transfer Title
  18. Fixing an Error in a Stolen Vehicle Report
  19. Registering a Dirtbike
  20. Credit Repercussions of Non-Transfer of Title
  21. Recourse for Car Registered Under False Name
  22. Ticket for Expired Tabs in Washington
  23. Antique Car - Very Lost Title
  24. Is It Legal for a Dealership to Sell a Vehicle Without a Title
  25. Automobile Title
  26. Will I Still Be Able To Get A Temporary Sticker
  27. Buyer Did Not Transfer Title, Registration
  28. Title Not Yet Transferred
  29. Sold Car in 2007; Now Got Bill Stating Car Ran Toll
  30. Selling a Car Without Having the Title
  31. Name on Title Misspelled
  32. Insurance is Suing Because of Nontransfer of Title
  33. Not Registered, Not My Vehicle - My Problem
  34. Traffic Ticket for Expired Tab
  35. Does Illinois Need a Bill of Sale
  36. Car Sale Title Transfer
  37. Improper Display of Registration Sticker
  38. Buyer Didn't Transfer Title, then Sold Car Again
  39. Dirt Bike Title Issues
  40. Getting a Title With an Out-of-State Bill of Sale
  41. Transferring Ownership Without Title
  42. Registration Issues in Pennsylvania
  43. Ticket for Unpaid Registration in California
  44. Transferring Title To Avoid Paying Fines
  45. New Owner Didn't Change Title
  46. Not Transferring Title - Liablility
  47. My Dad Died and We Cant Find the Title to His Car - What Can I Do
  48. Selling a Motorcycle Without Registration
  49. Liens: Bought Car, Has Lien, DMV Cancelled Issued Title
  50. Buying a Car from a Seller Who Never Transferred the Title
  51. Title Purchased, but Previous Owner Did Not Transfer
  52. Lost Title on Purchased Out of State Vehicle
  53. Engine Cleaning Revealed Discrepancy in VIN
  54. No Record on File
  55. Dealer Out of Business, but Sold Me Car, Gone Without Trasnfering Title to Me
  56. Title Screwed Up
  57. Can a Car Be Towed While Its Being Driven
  58. Problem with Getting Title Bank in Louisiana, Vehicle Registered in Texas
  59. Getting Someone Else's Parking Tickets
  60. Duty to Register a Car
  61. Importing A Motor Vehicle
  62. Registration in One State - Use and Insurance in Another State
  63. Liens: Car Title Lien
  64. Can a Car be Registered Without a Title
  65. Fictitious Plate Ticket
  66. Getting Title Without Definitive Proof of Ownership
  67. Transfering Vehicle to Revocable Trust
  68. Unable to Sell Car Without Submitting Out-of-State Title
  69. Suspended Registration: Getting Around a Suspension of Registration
  70. Location of License Plate
  71. Lost Registration Card, Need New One
  72. Failure to Register Vehicle, ORC 4503.11
  73. New Jersey Buyer Abandons Vehicle After Purchase, 3 Years No Response
  74. Improper Registration to Avoid Taxes
  75. Title Problem
  76. Do I Have the Right to Sell the Car
  77. How Can I Get Title in My Name and Sell the Car
  78. Titling My Blazer
  79. Title and Insurance on Car in State with Vacation Home
  80. Salvage Vehicle, Need to Acquire Paperwork
  81. Co-Signing for Adult Son's Car Loan
  82. What About a Carlot Loaner with Fictitious Plates
  83. Officially Abandoning Car
  84. Co-Signed on Vehicle - How Can I Repo It Myself
  85. Assuming a Car Loan
  86. Titling Vehicle After Debt Discharged
  87. No Title From Finance Company
  88. Sold Vehicle - New Owner Getting Parking Tickets
  89. Legal Tax Avoidance Method
  90. Is It Illegal to Display 2 Registration Stickers from Consecutive Years
  91. License Plate Expired by 2 Months
  92. Is There Any Way to Register a Car for Someone Else, in Their Name
  93. Can a CVC 4000a1 Violation Be Corrected
  94. Suspended Registration: Moving to Another State With a Vehicle Subject to a Registration Suspension
  95. Can a Buyer Back Out of an Auto Purchase
  96. Will a Civil Fine Show Up on Background Checks
  97. Lost Vehicle Title Before Getting It Register
  98. Sold Car 6 Months Ago Now Being Sued
  99. Dealer Gone Out of Business Before Completing the Title Transfer Process
  100. Falsified Registration Sticker in California
  101. Will It Ever Be Mine
  102. My Parents Stole My Car
  103. My Car is Towed for Non-Registration: What if I Don't Claim the Car
  104. Acquiring Title for an Abandoned Watercraft
  105. Work in One State, Domicile in Another
  106. Have to Move My Car from My Driveway
  107. No Valid Registration
  108. Getting Title for a Vehicle Modified to be Street Legal
  109. Vehicle Co-Ownership
  110. Fighting or Correcting a CVC 24400(a)(1) Ticket
  111. Extensions for Temporary Registration Stickers
  112. Legal Issues with Un-Registered Cars
  113. Letter From a Debt Collector Over Towing Fee For a Car That Sold a Long Time Ago
  114. Car Seller Won't Transfer Title
  115. Liens: Tracking Down Lien Holder
  116. Giving a Car to a Child Who's Moving To Another State
  117. Are Students State Residents for Vehicle Registration
  118. Buyer Will Not Pick Up Trailer
  119. Ex-Girlfriend Paid Off Jointly Titled Motorcycle, and Wants Possession
  120. Replacing a Lost Title when You Have Moved
  121. I Was Forced to Sign My Title Over
  122. Dealer Has No Title, in California
  123. Plates vs Sticker
  124. Vehicle is Total Loss
  125. Car Title Inquiry
  126. Failure to Transfer Title and Expired Tabs
  127. Selling a Car That's Titled in Another State
  128. Dealer Wants Car Back, but I Have Already Got the Tag
  129. Expired Registration, VC 4000a1
  130. Suspended Registration: Citation for Suspended Registration; Had Proof of Fine Paid
  131. Auction Withholding Title
  132. Name Still on the Title
  133. Trouble Getting Title from Bank
  134. Unregistered Vehicles: Relative Driving My Uninsured, Unregistered Vehicle
  135. Selling a Vehicle Not Registered in My Name
  136. Title Ownership: Finding Information on a Vehicle Title
  137. Certificate of Destruction Title
  138. Unregistered Vehicles: Multiple Tickets and Impound for No Registration
  139. Sold a Car with Non-Matching VINs
  140. Messed Up Title
  141. Dealer Files Bankruptcy, No Title
  142. Only Received Half of Payment for Vehicle
  143. Boat Removed from Abandoned Property
  144. Missing Pink, Receipt and Have Only 1 VIN
  145. What Are My Rights to Car for Which I Co-Signed
  146. Making a Gift of a Vehicle Between States
  147. Lost Title, Previous Owner Dead
  148. Ontario Registration, Ohio License
  149. Aquiring a Title for an Abandoned Vehicle
  150. Driving with a Revoked Plate and License
  151. Mother Trying to Repo Car I Am Paying on Cause She is a Cosigner
  152. Repossessing a Consigned Vehicle
  153. How Can I Prove Ownership of a Vehicle if the Title Date Does Not Match Registration
  154. Pay Vehicle Registration if Moving Out of State
  155. Stopped in a Dangerous Neighborhood for Expired Tags
  156. Registered Scooter in California but Was Never Given Signed Bill of Sale
  157. Expired Tabs Ticket/Insurance Rates
  158. 2 Names on Title/Loan After Breakup - What Are My Rights
  159. Law on Storing a Vehicle in California
  160. Liens: Bought Used Car, Lien on Title
  161. Did Judge Disqualify My Proof of Correction Incorrectly
  162. Release Co-Signer on Title
  163. Impounded Vehicle Sold Without Notice
  164. Car Trade Issue
  165. Car Registration While Living in Two States
  166. Changed Date on Expired License Plate
  167. Transferring an Altered Title
  168. Bought a Motorcycle No One Has Title
  169. Car Title in 2 Names After Breakup
  170. Liens: My Dealer Went Bankrupt, They Are the Lien Holder on My Car Title
  171. Suspended Registration: Registration Suspended
  172. Boat Title
  173. Travel Trailer with Salvage Title
  174. Old Junk Car Still in My Name
  175. Refund for Deposit on a Repossessed Vehicle
  176. Lost Car Title with Expired Registration
  177. Altered Registration Violation
  178. Misdemeanor a for Operating Salvage Vehicle
  179. Rescinded Title, State of Texas
  180. Speeding Ticket Reduced to Expired Registration
  181. Illinois Car Title
  182. California CVC 4000 Citation
  183. Liens: Car Stolen Through a False Lien Sale
  184. Car Offered for Free, Months Later Wants Money
  185. Expired Registration: Traffic or Non Traffic
  186. Stopped for Expired Tags, Also No License, Insurance, Obstructed Windshield
  187. I'm Being Name Bashed Over a False Story - Can I Do Anything
  188. Registering a Car with Bench Warrant
  189. Registration Violation in California
  190. Liens: Buying a Vehicle With the Registered Owner in Jail and an Outstanding Lien
  191. Sold Car 3 Years Ago, but DMV Didn't Transfer the Title
  192. Bought a Car, But Haven't Transfered the Title for Over a Year
  193. Surrendering Registration: Told to Surrender Registration and Plates Due to Insurance Suspension
  194. Illinois Car Title Issue: Incorrect Buyer Name
  195. Vehicle Title Transfer in Maryland
  196. Registry Gave Me False Information
  197. Suspended Registration: How Yo Waive Penalty Fee for the Suspension of Registration and Title
  198. Seller of Vehicle Disappeared, No Title, What Do I Do
  199. Liens: Bought a Bike with Clear Title - DMV Tells Me There is a Lien
  200. Bought Car but I Need Duplicate Title to Transfer
  201. Liens: Vehicle Lien Laws in Minnesota
  202. Bought Car But Never Registered It - Can I Register it in a Different State
  203. Auto Loan Didn't Fund, Car Repossessed
  204. Fraudulent Vehicle Registration Renewal
  205. Registering a Vehicle: Sister's Ex Has Suspended License, Sister Needs to Renew Registration but Can't
  206. Received Second Ticket for Expired Tags in Washington
  207. How Do I Get Rid of My Car Legally
  208. Expired Registration in Virginia
  209. ATV Sold Despite Being in My Name
  210. Registration Laws in Colorado
  211. Are Expired Tags and No Proof of Insurance Correctable or Non-Correctable Violations
  212. Expired Tabs in California, Car is Registered in Another State
  213. Expired Registration Non-Use for 5 Years Transfer
  214. Ticketed for a Car I Don't Own Anymore
  215. Expired Registration Washington State
  216. Sold My Car, and Now Received Letter of Impoundment by City of Chicago
  217. Listed As Owner of Junked Car
  218. Unregistered Vehicles: Unregistered Vehicle Ticket in New Jersey
  219. Transferrring Title Between States
  220. Does Adverse Possession Apply to Vehicles
  221. Transferring Title Without Current Owner
  222. Expired Tabs Ticket in Washington
  223. Gave Away Car; Title Not Registered
  224. Expired Registration Out of Country
  225. Registering a Co-Owned Car, with Owners in Different States
  226. Dealer Lost Vessel Paper Work After Trade In and Purchase
  227. Bought Car on Ebay Without a VIN Plate
  228. Trouble Getting Vehicle Title
  229. Getting My Cars Out of My Ex-Girlfriend's Name
  230. Title Signed in the Wrong Place
  231. Liens: Car Lien Sale in California
  232. Ex Owes Me Money, His Car Title Has My Name on It
  233. Should Car Be Registered in My Name or Brother-In-Law
  234. Parking Ticket After Renewal Tab Fell Off Rear Plate
  235. Liens: Unable to Remove Name from Car Title That Has Been Released from Lien Holder
  236. Purchased a Vehicle That Can't be Smogged
  237. Moped Tickets
  238. Car Towed from Private Garage Due to Registration Sticker Not Affixed
  239. Super Late Title Transfer/Registration
  240. Buying a Motorcycle With a Lapse in Registration
  241. Old Truck with Wrong Title
  242. Purchased a Car and Was Told It Had a Clear Title, but It Does Not
  243. Suspended Registration: New York State, Suspended Registration Implications
  244. Incorrect Model Information on My Title
  245. Unregistered Vehicles: Can You Have an Unregistered Car if You're Planning to Sell It
  246. Parking Ticket for Expired Vehicle Registration in California 4000(A)
  247. Suspended Registration: Registering a Vehicle With Registration Suspended in Another State
  248. My Car Title is Under My Mom's Name
  249. Have Been Storing Jeep for 7 Years Would Like to Obtain Title
  250. Bought Vehicle and Seller Refuses to Give Title
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