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Fios Inc.
Electronic discovery services: helping litigators acquire, convert and analyze electronic data.
Locations: OR, CA, TX, IL, NY,DC
Areas Served: OR, CA, TX, IL, NY,DC
Evidence Locators
Drive cloning, forensic evidence recovery, and court-ready reports.
Locations: MO
Areas Served: United States
21st Century Strategic Solutions, Inc.
Experts for information technologies, project management and engineering.
Locations: CO
Areas Served: CO
T3i, Inc.
Information forensics and case development involving Internet and computers
Locations: GA
Areas Served: GA, FL, AL, SC, NC, VA, MD,, NJ, NY, TN, MS, WV,IL
David Rismann Consultants Inc.
Computer forensics expert available for consulting, data recovery and preservation, analysis, and testimony.
Locations: CA
Areas Served: CA, OR, WA, NV,AZ
Global CompuSearch LLC
Expertise in issues related to sex crimes and Internet offenses, child pornography, computer forensics and similar issues.
Locations: WA
Areas Served: United States,United Kingdom,Canada
Robert J. Abend, PE
Expertise with electrical engineering, software, and data recovery. Certified EnCase examiner.
Locations: CA
Areas Served: Unlimited
Cyber Agents, Inc.
Computer forensic investigation services.
Locations: KY
Areas Served: KY
Berryhill Computer Forensics
Computer evidence recovery and consulting services for civil and criminal cases.
Locations: CA
Areas Served: CA
Expert Computer Consulting
Evidentiary, forensic, data recovery, and system design services.
Locations: NC
Areas Served: NC, SC, VA, DC, MD,
Electronic Evidence Discovery
Providing electronic discovery and production services and expert testimony for matters including electronic media.
Locations: WA, CA, NY, RI, DC,GA
Areas Served: WA, CA, NY, RI, DC,GA
Center for Computer Forensics
Electronic evidence recovery and litigation support services.
Locations: CA, MI,NC
Areas Served: CA, MI,NC
Forensic Technology Group
Computer forensic experts.
Locations: FL
Areas Served: United States
Clarence M. Kelley and Associates
Full-service investigative agency serving insurance companies, law firms and corporate clients.
Locations: MO
Areas Served: MO, KS, AR, IA, NE, OK, IL, TX,OH
Electronic Evidence Retrieval, L.L.C.
Utilizing current science and technology in the investigation and establishment of facts and evidence in a court of law.
Locations: LA, MS, CO,CA
Areas Served: United States
Compupak Advanced Technology, Inc.
Complex technology and business knowledge in commercial transactions and litigation. Industrial automation, Y2K, manufacturing, telecom.
Locations: TX
Areas Served: United States
Consulting and expert testimony for large software intellectual property cases.
Locations: HI
Areas Served: CA, HI, NY, NJ, FL,MA
e-Comp Witness
Expert reports and testimony for matters including large software contracts, internet technology, telecommunications, utilities, and insurance.
Locations: FL
Areas Served: FL, CA, TX, NY, CO, PA, MI, GA, IL, IN, OR, WA, VA, MD,
Midwest Data Group
Expert computer forensic services for the legal community.
Locations: OH
Areas Served: United States,United Kingdom
Computer forensics and data recovery services.
Locations: MN
Areas Served: MN
ForenSec, LTD.
Computer forensics services for litigation, corporate internal investigations, and private investigations.
Locations: VT
Areas Served: United States,Canada
PG Lewis & Associates, LLC
Data forensic services, including digital evidence discovery, expert witness services, and investigations.
Locations: NJ,NY
Areas Served: NY, NJ, PA, CT, CA,TX
Brooks Hilliard
Specializing in alleged failed business (ERP) systems, computer forensics and intellectual property litigation.
Locations: AZ
Areas Served: AZ, CA, PA, DC, MA, NY, MD,, GA, TX, NJ, OH, IL, CO, FL, SC, NM, NV, WA,TN
Ron Russ, CDP
Expert witness services in computer litigation, including deposition, trial and arbitration at both federal and state levels.
Locations: TX
Areas Served: United States
Integrated Computer Solution Co.
Specializing in computer forensics, computer crimes, and in providing consulting services to small businesses.
Locations: FL
Areas Served: FL
Dibs USA, Inc.
Manufacturing and supplying integrated computer forensic equipment, and providing forensic and training services.
Locations: NY
Areas Served: NY, NJ, CT, DC, DE, MA, MD,, ME, NH, PA, RI,Malaysia,Hong Kong,Colombia
D-M Information Systems, Inc.
Litigation support services, computer forensics, electronic evidence recovery, imaging, coding, database creation, web-based repository.
Locations: US
Areas Served: United States
Business Intelligence Associates, Inc.
Computer investigations, forensics, forensic training and expert witness services.
Locations: FL
Areas Served: NY, FL, DC, MA, MD,, GA, PA, VA, CT, CA, WA, NV, TX,CO
JMac Enterprises
Specializing in computer forensics, general computer consulting and internet services.
Locations: VA
Areas Served: VA
Cloak & Data
Specializing in computer forensics.
Locations: MI
Areas Served: MI,OH
TKM Technologies Ltd.
Forensic computing services backed up by understandable reporting.
Locations: United Kingdom
Areas Served: United States,Southeast Asia,Europe
Presentation Dynamics Inc.
Computer forensics analysis of hard drives, diskettes, and other storage media.
Locations: NV
Areas Served: NV
James G. Robertson, P.E.
Expertise with supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), software and computer system integration, industrial and process controls, and machine and motion controls.
Locations: MD
Areas Served: United States
Chelsea Group Computer Consultants and Expert Witness Group
Services for email extraction and analysis, electronic evidence recovery and evaluation, trade secrets and defective software.
Locations: CA,ID
Areas Served: CA,ID
IPriori, Inc.
Technical expert in software and Internet intellectual property issues, and due diligence.
Locations: CA
Areas Served: CA
DataSec Ltd
Conducting independent and objective computer forensic investigations.
Locations: UK
Areas Served: United Kingdom
Digital Evidence Inc.
Computer evidence recovery and expert testimony regarding computer forensics.
Locations: WA
Areas Served: WA
Data Assist Inc.
Data recovery, data discovery and computer forensics for attorneys.
Locations: OH
Areas Served: United States
Computer Data Litigation Services, LLC
Retrieval of electronically stored documents including disk imaging and fraud investigation.
Locations: OK
Areas Served: OK
HilBren Consulting Services Inc.
Consulting to the DP, legal and financial industries for more than twenty years, including expert testimony and litigation support.
Locations: NY,NJ
Areas Served: NY,NJ
Westpark Investigations
Full service private investigation firm.
Locations: UT
Areas Served: UT
Full service technology consulting firm with a focus on computer forensics.
Locations: IL
Areas Served: IL, CA,MA
Kroll Ontrack
Technology solutions for the electronic evidence and data recovery markets.
Locations: CA, NY,DC
Areas Served: United States,England,Germany,Switzerland,Italy,France
Innovative Product Technology
Expert witness and consulting in computers, software and electrical engineering.
Locations: CA
Areas Served: CA
Alexus Computer Consulting
Expert testimony and computer forensic services including computer software, internet security, and network technology.
Locations: CA
Areas Served: CA
International Computer Investigators
Computer forensic examiners and investigations. Computer litigation and electronic evidence discovery. Data Recovery.
Locations: CA,NY
Areas Served: CA
Great Scott Enterprises, Inc.
Providing computer forensic services.
Locations: AZ
Areas Served: United States

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