Expert Witnesses

Experts by Category:

Expert witnesses for accident reconstruction, injury treatment and valuation, and factors that may have contributed to accidents or injuries.

Expert witnesses for business and financial matters, including trade, commerce, taxation, fraud, transactions, lost profits, appraisals, and forensic accounting.

Review our complete array of expert witness specialties, and select the category of expert that best suits your needs.

Find an expert witness for construction cases including design, delay, accessibility, contract, and failure analysis, and ADA issues.

Expert witnesses for criminal cases, including identification, criminalistics, fingerprints, crime scene reconstruction, and forensic science.

Experts for family law matters, including divorce, alimony, child custody, child support, and protective proceedings.

Medical expert witnesses and mental health professionals, serving a wide range of needs in areas including medical malpractice, forensic psychology, and psychiatry.

Expert witnesses in forensic science and engineering, including civil, mechanical, electrical, biological, failure analysis, product liability experts.